Monday, December 13, 2010

Unofficial Top 10 Holiday Songs

So we had a little voting session for the top 10 holiday songs. Over 100 different submissions, over a span of about five are the results. Some really interesting votes and songs that I have never heard before. I included links for each song, as well as links to different versions of the song. So pass this blog along to your friends and family and help them waste some time at work listening to these goodies.

10. Rocking around the Christmas Tree

9. Santa Baby

Eartha Kitt - Original



8. Baby it's cold outside

Dean Martin Version

Glee Version


7. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

6. Happy Christmas (War is over)

John Lennon


5. White Christmas

Drifter's Version

Bing Crosby Version

DJ Sascha Amos Versio

4. Little Drummer Boy

Original Version


3. Silent Night

Bill Crosby Version

Cat Version

2. Carol of the Bells

Celtic Woman Version

TSO Version

Regular Version

1. O Holy Night

7 Year Old Version

Mariah Carey Version

Josh Groban Version

Honorable Mentions

1. Grandma got run over by a reindeer
2. Mary did you know
3. Fairytale of New York
4. All I want for Christmas is you
5. The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole)


Kate said...

Great list, Serg! Thanks for including the Glee version of "Baby It's Cold" :) In fact, thanks for taking the time to find multiple videos for each song. Y'all really are on a break aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Josh Groban is # 1 Yeah im so excited thanks Serg He is my favorite artist for christmas.

Karen said...

Nice List... Can't Believe "Christmas Shoes" Didn't Make The List. This Song Makes Me Feel So Lucky To Have My Whole Family Around Me On Christmas :)

Jiffypop said...

I love the fact the Little Drummer Boy is on here. It reminds me of running around the house banging various items together to play along with the drums in the song. (:

Happy Holidays :D

Secretsentry said...

Hey I love these songs. :)

Secretsentry said...

I love these songs. :)

Trista said...

I'm deeply disappointed that no one voted for "Feliz Navidad." I love that song! What's the deal, folks?

Shame on you all!

Charyl said...

Awesome--"O Holy Night" made it to the list--and #1 even! The Groban version of it is one of my favorites. And thanks for reminding of "Happy Christmas." One of my favs and I completely forgot about it when putting in my vote.

Thanks for taking the time to compile these songs. :-)

Christa622 said...

Wow! You meant business! Great job! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

what about christmas in Australia?
and my person fav six white boomers?

Anonymous said...

Little Drummer Boy has always been my favorite Christmas Song. Any version is ok with me. BUT, I think it is BEST done with boys on drums. I would really like for a boy singer to try this for himself. Learn to tap a drum enough to do this song right.

Anonymous said...

Follow up post to my other one. This song is fast becoming one of my favorites.

Mary Did You Know?

Jus Shar Designs said...

Mary did you know is one of my favs. It gives me goosebumps every single time I hear it.

musicgeek528 said...

this is a fantastic list glee's baby its cold outside has to be one of my top ones but i think my all time favorite is Celtic Thunder's Christmas 1915 :)
here's a link enjoy :)

linda said...

What a great blog. It is getting a well deserved link at mine;

Keep up the great work. You may like my wikileaks category - I have some great reads from Zero Hedge & about Assange.

The one thing I miss about Christmas is the music and decorations. I am already missing all the stores taking down their christmas gear. My fave tune for t-mas (christ-mas with the cross of a "t") would be Renee Fleming's music.

linda said...

I am still listening to the Christmas radio stations. Today between the sugary pop tunes they played oh holy night. not sure of the singer but it was great.

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