Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays: a series I started on Facebook, which will continue, as long as I find the appropriate photographs to add.....

Now, I understand why I got a bottle of Grey Goose when I was 3 years old...thanks Santa?

In Soviet Union, presents open you.


Randi said...

those are hilarious! i love reading your blog and watching your videos. you are awesome! have a wonderful holiday season!

Jiffypop said...

Ahahahahahaahahahaha I love that Soviet Russia jokes. :P

That's awesome. (:

Have an awesome weekend, Serg!!


Anonymous said...

Hey I thought I would try you on your blog as well as your facebook page.

We "talked" about you getting a hat. I was hoping you knew what colors you wanted and a PO Box I could mail your hat to you.

I swear I am not a stalker I just offered to make you hat and now I want to follow through. Ps Its getting cold :)

Casey Bosley aka Flower Girl Designs

Lígia Kallyne said...

Olá, sou brasileira e toda nossa família somos super fãs do STATE PARANORMAL no canal A&E no Brasil. Estamos sentindo demais a falta de vocês, não passa nem reprise. Beijos de toda família..