Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Hello you malchoks and devachkas,

It has been quite some time since you've last read me....

The escapades and the procrastination sort of fused with one another. Coming home from an investigation or from the office, leaves you feeling drained and uncreative. Falling into a slump I've indulged my mind with your typical TV shows and video games.

Thank god for Xander, otherwise I don't think I would have any reason to leave the house. Below you guys will find the group photos from FTX in various shapes and sizes. Download appropriately; don't worry there's enough for everyone.

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The recent WikiLeak release has sparked some active discussion. Some go so far as labeling Julian as a terrorist. Terrorist is an interesting label; the action of terrorizing through violence or threats for political purposes. Already it leaves a negative taste on my tongue. But why are we so hellbent on covering up the truth? Is it the fear of admitting that we were wrong, or that we used our power to take advantage of the underprivileged?

What's funny is that the media is reporting about this, but they are not. Why not read through some of these leaks and pick out the ones that the people need to be made aware of. Instead we are focusing on him being a terrorist and most recently that Amazon dropped the WikiLeaks servers. yea....I really care about that.

I stumbled upon this TED video of an interview the the founder of WikiLeaks. Though fairly long, its really interesting.

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Jiffypop said...

Welcome back to the blogging world!!

I love the new blog layout. It looks so nice. I'm jealous that my blog doesn't look this good. (:

Why did they label Julian as a terrorist?? I haven't been following the WikiLeaks, haha.

Thanks for updating!!


Aquaryan said...

Welcome back, Serg! For the Paranormal State season, it went by way too fast. I have to say I liked the way it was done. Ghost Prophecies was also enjoyable.

Will a new Vlog be in the works before the end of the year?

White Russian said...

Jiffy, thank you....its actually a template from Blogspot, if you have a blogspot, you can change it and play around with the different styles in the Blogger settings.

I believe Julian is labeled a terrorist because certain individuals who feel threatened by his truth are choosing to have him come off as an anarchist and danger to everyone.

Hey Aqua, thank about end of this week?

Trista said...

I dig the new layout. :)

ShellSc said...

Welcome back Serg! Missed the blog and vlog. Hope you had fun at field trip x. what was your favorite part of it? I wish I could have went but money was and is still tight. New season is awesome but went a little fast. Have a good week and rest?

Ps: looking in to a DSR camera, any suggestions?

Butterfly Kisses said...

Thank You For The Video It Was Very Enlightening. :)

Jiffypop said...

I'm never good at messing around with the templates. Mine's really boring, but if you want to take a peek: . I used a template too, and messed around with it, but it's not nearly as awesome as yours. (:

On the Julian account, that's kind of stupid... Ah well... Can't trust the media for anything. (:

Have a great week!!