Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TED Tuesday - Jamie Oliver

Going back to TED Tuesday; I want to share a video with you about food eduction. Hopefully this motivates you to eat a little bit better if you aren't already. While watching this, an idea popped into my head: apple a day self-project. Just for no reason whatsoever, I am gonna pledge to eat at least one apple a day.

Its a little under 22 minutes long, but really easy to watch.


I am aware the I had done a TED video regarding food before, but some of the statistics mentioned here are amazing.

Feel free to discuss,


SarahMay said...

I read this post while drinking a fruit smoothie, so I feel good about my eating habits for the day, so far. I felt the passion this guy has for wanting to change how we look at food. It's scary how many health problems are caused by what we consume!!! However, at the same time, it's cool to know that we have the power to change the health status of our own bodies. Food truly can either be the cure or the cause.

ncchapman said...

That is so weird that you posted that today. I was just doing my own research on American's eating habits after getting back from my trip to Toronto this weekend.. What a difference they have not only in the number of overweight and obese people, but in the food choices and portion sizes! It was outstanding... (The french influence in canada helps a lot since their portions are incredibly small). I felt like such a fat ass after eating because I was always hungry for more, I was full but wasn't used to not stuffing my face. It really made me think a lot about what I can do in order to change that in my own life.

I'll eat an apple everyday with you Serge. I Just had an apple, so I'm off to a good start. Thanks for sharing this.

PS. Loved the guest blog.

superrawgirl said...

I Love Jamie Oliver. Great post! Thanks Serge!

I love the guest blog too. Very cool.

Have a good week, Heather.

White Russian said...

Thank you for the positive comments.

White Russian said...

Sarah...smoothies rock...might make one myself...Natalie, let do this apple thing.

Outliers Inc. said...

Very interesting perspective. I enjoyed the video, but it bothered me that he wanted the government to do so much. Why isn't he challenging the people?

A challenge for you. Do some research on Orangeburg County, South Carolina. Learn about the economy, the school system, and obesity related deaths. I have read that Orangeburg has the highest rate of heart disease in the world. That was about 5 years ago, so it's old news by now. The point I want to make is this,there is a bigger context in this battle with obesity than Jamie Oliver discussed. Poverty is a big factor in obesity (no pun intended). The simple fact is that poverty and depression have a strong correlation and instead of turning to alcohol or drugs some people turn to food to help them cope. Mental health should be taken into consideration, in addition to education, both on the nutritional and food preparation level.

I think Jamie Oliver's work is great, don't misunderstand. But, I also think that he is only addressing a small piece of a much larger problem. Obesity is a symptom, not a cause.

LoveMorgaine said...

You think you have decent eating habits until someone whips some good ol' statistics on you.

Kudos on spreading the word, Sergey.

Sign me up for an apple a day!
...subtract the apples, add some mangos.


Morgaine said...

Pre-forgive me...I'm exhausted.

Serg, your vlogs... wooo..

You know that time of night when you're so tired that literally everything is funny? Not that I'm saying you're not funny when I'm not delirious... I'm sure you're... ANYWAY, I just watched your old vlogs, and thanks to you, I have rock solid abs from laughing so hard. It was that good laugh, too; the kind that tickles your soul, and I needed that! Thank you. So, if you're thinking about doing another vlog, I'd have to say that's a brilliant idea...because it would be. ..just sayin'.

Buonanotte :)

White Russian said...


Its funny you mention that, because lately I have been thinking of starting a vlog series every Sunday. I was actually thinking of beginning tomorrow. I think Jung would chime in and say, "synchronicity happens" at this time.


Morgaine said...

Well, Serg... it's weird that you say THAT because I just finished writing a paper about Jung for a psychology class of mine.
[insert Twilight Zone theme song here]

You would definitely have at least one viewer, so I say go with it. I look forward to laughing at it! ...in a good way, of course.