Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Vlog Episode #1


smearedmakeup said...
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smearedmakeup said...

Like the whole starting of the photography club and that it seems to be open to everyone of any age!

I am sure it will grow over time!

There are lots of people out there that want to learn photography and share ideas with out having to pay into a course or local art class.

So is it just a digital photo club or is anyone dipping into the great world of darkroom play?

Man I miss the darkroom! Best way to do photography hands down!

Oh and it took way too much effort to log into this thing to leave a comment. What happened to just putting your name and submitting? (Okay rant over)

Morgaine said...


Thanks for the laugh. Made my day.
..and I wasn't even sleep deprived this time.

The photography club was a smart idea! Kudos on that one(and Invader Zim behind you). I would totally roll with you badass gangsters if I lived there.


White Russian said...

Some people in the group do use film and a dark room. I have never entered that world, but would be curious to try.

I opened up the anonymous comment posting option right now. I had it turned off because there was one person that took it too far.

Thanks for the comments,

White Russian said...

I got that blanket for my 21st bday.... Invader Zim is awesome.

smearedmakeup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
smearedmakeup said...

yeah I figured as much after my little rant *L* that it was probably because of someone starting crap.

You would love the darkroom. The smell of the chemicals alone, sigh! I can smell them now.

I know the darkroom is a dying if not dead art but if you get the chance to try it I strongly suggest it. It is amazing the things you can create with simple techniques like sponging.

Plus it is nice to get off the computer and away from the over rated world of photoshop

Charyl said...

LMAO! Hilarious!! You should definitely post one of these regularly. Good luck on the photography club. :-)


Morgaine said...

Yes, yes. Zim is damn gnarly.
..and if your blanket just happens to disappear one day.. it, um.. it definitely wasn't me.

Megs said...

I really like this idea of a vlog Serg, and the bloopers were a great addition too, especially that rockin santa mug!

I hope your photography group goes well, and I'm sure you'll get some more gangsta members lol. It sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about your passion. Although I'm surprised you haven't tried film and a dark room, since it seems right up your alley.

Anyway have a good one!


Trista said...

Love the "bloopers". And, nice Santa mug.

You owe me fish. My fish are floating belly-up in the pond.

White Russian said...

Hey All,

yea, the biggest setback for film and film processing for me is the cost. maybe one day when i have my own home, i will build a darkroom in my man cave.

for being cool commenters i wanna leave something here for everyone to enjoy. for quite some time i have been working on trying to put a website together where i can display my photographs.

for those interested here is my work-in-progress site:

the design for the most part is finished; i just need to come up with names for the albums that i want to display. i do not want to go with the usual... places, people, things....but something a bit more unique like "I shot an arrow into the air," "third from the sun."nothing in the dark." these titles were taken from twilight zone episodes.

i figure once i choose the album titles i can then pick the photos associated with them. Paranormal State will probably be the only album that will stay as is and will be composed of mini albums within.

the photos that are already there, was just me playing around with the design.

Trista, i can send you some fish by mail.

White Russian said...

Possible Album Titles:

Come Wander With Me
Sounds and Silences
The Masks
Spur of the Moment
Night Call
Persons or Persons Unknown
Nothing in the Dark
The Midnight Sun
Shadow Play
A Most Unusual Camera (photos takes with the iphone?)
A World of His Own
The After Hours
A Nice Place to Visit
Mirror Image
I Shot an Arrow into the Air
Third from the Sun
The Lonely
Where is Everybody?

Outliers Inc. said...

LOL, I think you accomplished the awkward. The shifty eyes and using badass in reference to a photography club, good job. The santa mug bit was hilarious!

Will your photography club take field trips around town? Some of my favorite photographs that I've taken are of outdoor events in Columbia. One that I framed was of a jazz band playing at the state house after dark. The band is backlit and they all look like shadows. It's pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

SarahMay said...

Love how you keep it real, Serg, like the gangsta that you say you are. Nothing is more pimpin' than a Santa mug. Haha! Love the humor! :)

I checked out your other website full of photographs and like that not all of your pics have an obvious meaning, and that you give them unique names so as to highlight your thoughts behind them. When I have a better surplus of cash money I plan on purchasing one of your meaningful works of art. :)

Kris said...

Personally, I started out with film and learning dark room processing, but I've gotten really into digital lately, too. It's cheaper, and of course, it's more simple to upload into photoshop for HDR work, etc. With film, I have to scan the photo or get it on CD, too.

I'd definitely join your club if I was anywhere near you guys!! :)

Oh, and it's great to see someone else loves Invader Zim, too. Pretty awesome little 'toon!!

ncchapman said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Sergey, you're so awkward it hurts. I love it though. Never underestimate the power of knowing people who are much older than you who aren't your family. I'm sure you'll learn a lot from them. I'm excited for more updates from you. I just started vlogging too... But I haven't posted any of them yet.. it's a work in progress.

Holly said...

:) Thats interesting that you found some of your title inspirations from twighlight zone! great show..Anyways very creative. I find that art, songs, or whatever eventually name themselves. They are personified parts of human creativity so why should they not take on a life of their own?

Keep Vloggin!

Angela said...

You kiiiilled me with those cups!! hahaa nice blog, sir.
And 1950s-60s -- me too. Good choice!

White Russian said...

Album titles are its time to pick out the photos and settle them into their new homes. I can finally get business cards soon!!! This entire time I was waiting to print them out until I had my site finished.

If you all have any suggestions, feel free to yell them out. I will definitely take them into consideration. I would also like to know if the site comes out ok on other browsers and screen resolutions.

Thanks for the comments, peace

RMarie7 said...

Love the photography. "Come Wander with Me" had some incredible shots. I loved "Persons and Personalities." I really like the design of the site, too. Keep going. It all looks great.

I love the idea of you having a vlog. I'm trying so hard to imagine you on a political rant. In a leather jacket like the Fonz. Sitting next to Ron Howard. Holding a Santa mug... You are fascinating, sir. :)

But seriously, love the site so far. Hope to see more.


meeknotweak said...

I love how you have your own bloppers, it's good that you aren't taking it too seriously. No worries, you'll get better with time!

...maybe a photography oriented Vlog next time?

7junebug7 said...

OMgosh Serg, ur so cute... ha ha, u seem like a fun guy to hang out with. i tried that formspring thing and have had nuthing but truoble with it...cant wait for ur next vlog.

Tiffany Van Goey said...

LOL the office!! That's what she said. Great show.

Aquaryan said...

You must have posted the video after I checked the blog, yesterday.

I have been fiddling with my own camera trying to take some great pictures. One suggestion that I heard is that multiple shots (without the flash) is recommended because you might find a better picture with one of the three options. Is this what you do?

Keep up the good work, Sergey!

Steele26 said...

you are hysterical lol. like the double fisting at the end. i think the vlog is a great idea. looking forward to seeing more!

Outliers Inc. said...

I like the titles and all the pictures look great. I used the full screen option to view Persons or Persons Unknown and the photos really popped! Each photo was telling the viewer something about the person in it.

I also noticed that the photo in Esoteric Allusions got a little grainy when it was full screen.

I like the stories in your photographs. Come Wander with Me was my favorite.

ncchapman said...

Paranoia in B Major

Anonymous said...

hahaha, i enjoyed the bloopers. What is this formspring thing? How do we send you questions? Thanks, keep it up!

superrawgirl said...

Great Vlog Serge! Will have to check out your photo site too. Always love your work. Bloopers were almost too much to handle. Thanks for the laughs, I needed it!


White Russian said...

Cheers everyone, thank you for the comments.

Aquaryan, that is a tip that I have heard and it generally works but I do not do that unless I am taking photos of an action shoot. I have different styles that I use, that depend on what I am trying to capture.

Outlier, I saw what you meant by the photo in Esoteric Allusions. I will run some post-processing on and re-upload.

Formspring can be found on the side of my blog. People can ask my questions and I can choose which ones to answer and and which ones to pass over. I can also choose to upload the answers to facebook and/or twitter. My account is photoserg on it and it also holds a history of all my answered questions.

WatchingStars said...

Congrats on the photography club..and hey who cares if they are 50+ yrs can learn alot from them! :) Very cool idea for your titles on the portfolio website! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished. I wish you all the best!

Trista said...

I'll pay the shipping on the fish. Thanks. Oh, and I'd also like a giraffe. No, make it a zebra. Or... Yeah. A zebra will be fine. Unless you can find any elk. Or polar bears. Just let me know.

And to whomever mentioned "Paranoia in B Major", you must have exceptional taste in music. I ♥ the Avett Brothers.

V.Arce said...

Haha.That was a good laugh.Okay like everyone said it will grow in time.Which it really should because people would want to roll with bad ass i had a choice i would move down there and join..But i cant=/.I already started photography though.I also like that picture you put up above.Its quite relazing..Now im rambling.haha.Well i wish you luck with everything:):):):):).

P.s. Invader Zim and gir are the