Wednesday, February 24, 2010

51 Words - Tomorrow

So I thought I would slowly kick this challenge into gear. One of the things that I used to do back in the ol' days, was create desktops. I figured that I was was gonna stare at a monitor all day, I should at least be staring at something I made. Well here is a desktop I made, from a photo I took.

Here I was trying to teach myself color selection, cropping and font selection. I would say this is probably work from 3 years ago.


Tiberia Kailani said...

It's beautiful Serge! I your work :) keep it up.

Morgaine said...

starting the challenge again, eh?
man, what's that phrase i'm looking for?

it's time..., that's not it.

it's about...
..crap. hm.

'bout damn time.

that's the one!

it's about damn time, serg.

In bocca al lupo e buonanotte!

WatchingStars said...

Magnifique! :)

White Russian said...

thank you all...and I hear ya Morgaine, it is about damn time.

Had to translate your italian..."Good luck and good night."


Lisa Michelle said...
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Lisa Michelle said...

It is beautiful, Sergey. Your pictures are always awesome. It is challenging to make desktops and design graphics. What programs do you use?

Morgaine said...

Haha. I'm sorry, I could've saved you the trouble and translated it for you. I'm just used to people at least semi-understanding my italian mumbo-jumbo.
My bad :)

ncchapman said...

This is now my desktop picture. I need to live by this motto.

Anonymous said...

Wow this desk top pic is really great. Sun sets are so calming. Cass