Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey everyone,

Wow, what a ride it has been. Since I last posted I have worked on some exciting tv/film projects, traveled all over Iowa, taken some amazing photos with my Olympus (my camera needs a better name), hiked, gambled, read a graphic novel on zombies, finally finished reading a book (DMT: A Spirit Molecule), have not replied to my emails (many apologies for that), worked on future para-field trips, watched The Hangover, Up, and Into the Wild, looked into twitting, created an account for JPG magazine, attended my first wedding, doodled, caught up with friends and family, played my favorite video game (Fallout 3), and even had time to sneeze a couple of times.

I am afriad to jinx myself, but I think I can safely say that I will be in State College for some time now. Finally I can appreciate staying home and not having to travel all over the place. There will be plenty of time for that once we start filming the new season of Paranormal State.

I am planning on putting some more time into JPG magazine. I kinda enjoy the idea behind the whole site. I may even need your help to vote for some of my photographs. But only vote if you think the photograph is good, not because I am Sergey on a television show...well maybe if I am lagging behind with the vote, only then will I take some pity votes.

So with all that being said, time to get back into it.

White Russian out.

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submitted to JPG : http://www.jpgmag.com/photos/1749989


unintentionally yours said...

yay for sneezing!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Hey so how about a suggestion regarding a nickname for your camera? Ready... Photophile. or Flikerserg. No? Kinda of cheesy huh! Oh well, I tried. Nice to welcome you back! Stay safe... Annie

Miss cloveR said...

Awesome! How did you like DMT: The Spirit Molecule? Ever read any Aldous Huxley? or the Psychedelic Experience by Tim Leary? In a few days I'm going to be posting a blog w/ book recommendations, so check it out if you can.

Bonus points for you if you know who did the cover art for the DMT book. ;)

(hint: he did a lot of Tool's album art)

Lyssaboo said...

Name your camera Rhubarb. *nods* It's a good'un.
Being home is always really nice; I'm going through a similar thing right now. But I'll be really busy soon, because I'm helping out with a Halloween attraction. First time I went through the hayride and haunted house I cut off the circulation of one of my friends arm because I was scared and squeezing it really hard :P

Miss cloveR said...

name your camera F#cktw@t Crapbasket McGee

lol idk.

Maybe something simpler and less offensive... like "Samsara". (which means the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth).

ncchapman said...

Name your camera ZANZABAR!! I got that name because it is the name of my uncle's bong... Umm.. It's a good name none the less. Or Hugo that's my GPS. Maybe Pheebis? I'm full of names. Usually for small and fluffy animals. Anyways, it's good to hear from you.. It's been a long time.. I almost forgot about you! Anyways, Iowa is cool. I've only been to the Quad Cities. Just like it is for me when I go to PA you have to get used to the winding roads and hills.. but here it is just flat. Looking forward to seeing some new pictures!

<3 Natalie

White Russian said...

Tool is an amazing band. I was lucky to catch their concert when I was in Erie, PA like 6 years ago.

The back of the book says, Peri Champine designed the cover. It definitely has a Tool look to it.

The DMT book is really interesting. The good thing is he talked about how he had to go through the bullshit to get to use the drug to test people, the bad thing was that it was half the book. I was really more interested in the experiences themselves. Once I got to those, the stories became really fascinating.

I read some of Huxley and nothing from Leary. I have The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test sitting on my office desk waiting to be read. I might take a break from all the psychedelics and go for some fiction or paranormal research.

The name suggestions haven been taken into consideration. I will consult the camera and see what it thinks of them.

Miss cloveR said...

Peri Champine? hm... The original design in the background was done by Alex Grey. He does a lot of spiritual/psychedelic art. Awesome stuff. Maybe Peri redesigned it, who knows...

I've seen Tool 3 times and they always put on a kickass show. I met Maynard when he went on tour with NIN for the Fragile (when he was in A Perfect Circle). He gave me a little tub of orange jelly. (???) haha.

But yeah, I'd definitely recommend reading The Psychedelic experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. If you've ever tried interpreting the Tibetan Book of the Dead (or Bardo Thodol), you know it's pretty hard to decipher. Even Carl Jung had some trouble interpreting it. Anyway, that book has some good insights, but I found a lot of it was stuff I've always known.

I have literary A.D.D. so I often have 5 or 6 books open at once. lol I know, I'm psychotic. Read some Hunter S. Thompson. Always an entertaining read! :D

Miss cloveR said...
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Miss cloveR said...

at the bottom of this page, it says he did, in fact, do the cover art. Yay I'm not slipping in my old age! :D


Had to take care of that mystery.

Here are a few other names, then I'll stfu.

Dr. Duke
Banana (but only in a British accent)
Bigus Dickus

Anonymous said...

I looked at the JPG website and it's awesome! I thought about putting my stuff there but wasn't sure I understood the terms so I wanted to ask someone else. Look forward to seeing your pics there.

How about OP for the cam? As in OlymPus? lol!

Enjoy being at home. Nothing like being away for a long time to make you appreciate it.

superrawgirl said...

Only real mean have tweets.

Good to hear from the White Russian again. Enjoy being back at home!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while. I almost stopped checking your blog daily! Welcome back!

Kelly Nichole said...

Enjoyed the blog, and checked out the JPG website. I decided to create an account for myself...it'll be my 2nd photo website, but what the hey? As for names I like dorky names like Leonard or Harold...how about Maynard? lol that is my Dad's name, but it is funny anyways. Hmm is the camera female or male? That is a factor to consider haha. Enjoy the time off Serg, hope to hear from you soon! Otherwise see you in August :)

Jessica C said...

Serg hooray for being home right?? Gotta love just being home for awhile!
I went and saw The Hangover last night and LOVED IT! Haven't laughed like that in a long time. What are your thoughts on it?

I have a suggestion for a camera name "Vern" :) you know what i mean vern haha... ya im a dork, can't help myself!

Anonymous said...

Zombie book? Which one?

Anonymous said...

ps: Am I reading correctly that there will be a season four to our favorite show? I just want to confirm this before I spontaneously combust from pure excitement!

Miss cloveR said...

one more post lol... sorry. ^_^

But I wanted to share a link to Alex Grey's site for anyone who wanted to look at some of his art work. The painting that's on the cover of DMT: The Spirit Molecule is under Paintings / Progress of the Soul / Dying


(and I agree with Kelley--Maynard for the win!) ;D

Post more info about your other tv/film projects, Sergey! I'm an aspiring filmmaker so I'd love to see your work. Zombie movies are the most fun to film! The first short I ever made was a spoof documentary on Zombies in their natural habitat... called "Zombie Safari". lol

Tiberia said...

- Does her happy dance around her office because Serg is back-

Erica said...

I heard the hangover was the shit. I cant believe you just attended your first wedding. I have like three this year. I seriously have at least one every year. And one is an open bar.. woot woot!

Your photo is pretty sweet but it seems like there is something missing from the photo. Not sure what? But what do I know? lol.

Alyssia Garber said...

Hey! Welcome back! Seems like you have been extremely busy. I think your camera should be named Máat. She was the goddess of moral, harmony, justice, truth and cosmic order, which you can take pictures of, or you can take pictures of the symbols of those things. (I know, it is geeky, but what do you expect from an anthropologist major? lol)

hope you have fun!

PS: your picture is amazing! :)

Aquaryan said...

I am glad that you are doing okay. I am glad that you are taking time to take more photographs. I know that I would love to see more pictures! Keep up the good work!

White Russian said...

The zombie graphic novel is called "The Walking Dead." I still have "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" waiting to be read.

Lyssaboo said...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies rocks. I ran into it in Barnes and Noble and I sat down for about an hour and a half, read it all the way through, then went and bought it. I'm also ordering a book called "The Encyclopedia Shatnerica" (William Shatner, ftw!)
But really, you *need* to read PPZ

Angela said...

Nice color theory photo! I voted.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I've got Pride, Prejudice & Zombies sitting on my desk waiting to be read too! What a phenomenal idea - zombies in classic lit. I say we throw zombies into Tolstoy next - how awesome would that make War & Peace?!