Thursday, June 18, 2009

Its too late to give this a title

Song: Eddie Vedder- Society

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Here are two photos from my historical collection. I only collect photos at their highest digital quality. Why? I don't know... maybe it brings me back to my days as a child when I was collecting marvel cards and comics. I think the same goes for the photo above. I remember loving legos as kid. After collecting and building several sets, I would take everything apart, put all my lego pieces in one pile, and just sit there and see what my mind would come up with.

I recall constructing a lego robot that resembled Optimus Prime, although I never did watch Transformers, I think the real concept came from watching Short Circuit. I would rather take Johnny 5 over Optimus any day. Prime has a personality of a sloth.

Now, as an adult, I can't really get away with tinkering with legos, instead I am drawn to household objects. And instead of simply snapping my pieces together, I now utilize more grown up things like, soldering irons, drills, electric saws and blow torches. I raise my red bull as a toast, "Here's to not losing any appendages."

Till next time,


Aquaryan said...


Very interesting pictures! Keep up the amazing work with your photography.

Take care!

superrawgirl said...

Cool photos Serge, glad to see some new stuff! I saw Drag Me to Hell a week ago or so and I loved it as well. Some people just didn't get it though. It was a great horror comedy. I laughed the entire movie.

illfixyourhair05 said...

Sergey!!! School is out now!!! At least it is in North Carolina. But Ill try to look for some pictures!!!

hockeygirl said...

i was just about to ask if that was Eddie Vedder in the background, but then i scrolled down and saw the credit! ..i must say, good taste!

love the pictures!

drag me to tell, was the shizz! i agree!!
have ya seen the hangover?, another great one in my opinion! i couldnt stop laughin!

looking forward to the upcoming picutes u post!


super_nanny_kel said...

Pictures look great,however is that a video blog at the top? I can't see it on my phone, so will have to wait til I get home from work. Have you checked out my blog Sergey? Let me know what you think of my literature, I know it's been a while since I updated it but I have been distracted lately..I need some inspiration. I have been neglecting my talents lately, and I am regretting it. That shall be a goal of mine this summer I think. To write more and create at least one piece of art...

Lyssaboo said...

Those pictures ARE really freaking sweet.. And I do have a photo I'd really like to show you, So I'll try to find that for you :]

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting pictures, Serge! I hope for more soon.

I wish my sound was working, so I could hear your vlog. :/

Miss cloveR said...

Sergey... were you smokin' some of that "whacky tobbacky"? ;D

haha. Just kiddin. But if you were, wish I was there with ya. My creativity is always enhanced to full blast when I've...participated in herb-related activities. o_O

Great photos...You have a good eye, man. And good taste in music, too! I'll look for some cool photos you can maybe add to your collection.

Miss cloveR said...

Do you like the Clash too by any chance? I posted a Joe Strummer tribute w/ a bunch of videos on my blog that I copied from my Myspace a while back.
Check it out if you'd like.

Feel free to browse through some of my other blogs, too. Gotta post that damn book recommendation but I've been too busy. I remember u saying that u wanted to start meditating...u might find some of the blogs about the visions I had kind of interesting.

Megs said...

Great shots Serg! They are definitely creative and I look forward to seeing more.

If you're looking for a crude type of humor then you should check out The Hangover lol its freakin hilarious!


ncchapman said...

Those were fantastic! You gotta get your stuff up for sale or something because I want to buy those! NOW!

Lyssaboo said...

Because of what you said about Optimus Prime my dad thinks you should be shot. XD And now he's in a big ranting fit.. thanks a lot XD

Angela said...

The longshot of those lightbulb/spoon people is really intriguing, and the full detail is fantastic. You picked up some great subtleties there, and I really like the idea of putting things in an aquarium like that. Very cool.
There's always been something about photos of coal miners that's intriguing. They're full of history, but still really modern?

Looking forward to more photos.

Anonymous said...

why is the light bulb always in water..
and can i buy a sergey bulb??

cindy said...

the pictures of the lightblub made me smile..thank you for being open enough to share..

couldn't see the video..
the dogs ate my headphone..
so the computer has no sound now..

okay they ate more than that, they ate the cell phone case, the fan cord, the tv cord, books, dvd( and yeah a dog can really break a dvd)
dvd case holder,table, chairs, wall, and for some reason one of them ate a hole in the floor..
oh and the love seat arm..

i need a doggie whisper or a priest..

White Russian said...

Thank you for the comments everyone.

Kel, I have not been able to log into your blog. Is it myspace or blogger?

I wish I was smoking some "wacky tobbacky" clover, but I've been putting my priorities into work and photography. Maybe I can get a hold of something soon for some R&R.

Checked out Strummer, he is really chill.

Saw Hangover the minute I got back into State College. Hysterical movie.

Lyssaboo, I am sorry to hear about your dad.

You're dogs sound pretty intense, Cindy.

Jessica C said...

Speaking of wacky tobbacky...I'm going to see 311 and Ziggy Marley today!! Woot Woot! I'll send some R&R vibes your way Serg!

Miss cloveR said...

I hear ya, Serg. Hope you get some R&R time soon. Cool of you to take time to answer your comments.

Have a good one ;)

super_nanny_kel said...

Hi Sergey,
Sorry I don't know why it did that..It doesn't make sense.
The link to my blog should be on my name above now :) I also have some on myspace too.
Hope you have a good weekend, are you going to see your Dad at all? It's Father's Day on Sunday...Um, just in case you were confused on what day it was-haha :) Peace.

Alyssia Garber said...

Dear Serge,
Those photos are awesome, extremely well done :)

Drag Me To Hell, looks terrifyingly good, but I don't think I could bring my brother, who is almost 13 haha.

Have fun and keep creating! :)

Utaaah. said...

Love the pictures! Pretty cool looking if I say so myself :) But I must disagree with you on Drag Me to Hell, didn't like it very much...even though I LOVE the Evil Dead movies. You know, maybe I didn't like it as much because Bruce Campbell wasn't in it! haha! Anyways, keep up the amazing work!



Ben said...

The light bulbs photos are incredible!

J.Marie said...

Hey, I love the light bulb photos! I kept going back and forth trying to pick my favorite one and it came to a tie... and to explain why would be way too long for a comment, but in conclusion they both rocked!

The vblog made me laugh! :) I'd be fired in a heart beat for taking the kids to see that movie, but I will have to check it out after work hours. Have a great week!

bethany ryan said...

hi serge haven;t seen it yet heard it was a good movie probable going to go see it since you say it good ok bye for now and blessed be

JokerQuinn said...

The figurine is so cute! But the photos are very interesting and different. I can honestly say I have never seen a lightbulb floating in water with little legs. But it makes for a very nice picture.