Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So I was browsing through Wired magazine yesterday and read an article on how Apple and Nike worked together to create the Nike+. It's device that comes with two parts: one plugs into your iPod, the other fits into your sneaker. It then records, how long and far your ran, as well as how many calories you lost, and at the same time comes with a sort of virtual coach that helps you commit and complete any goals you may have set.

Thought it was nifty. I have been considering to pick up running again. Well, Ryan and I stopped by Best Buy after work, and I decided to see if they actually had the Nike+. There was one left? Looks like the universe was giving me sign. It was cheap too; like 25 bucks.

So I tried it out this morning with 1.5 mile run and I have to say that I love it. Its pretty fascinating as all the data is shared between users. Nike said that it noticed a trend that after about 5 runs, people seem more likely to continue to do it. Also, more people run in the evening and even more so on Sundays.

Tomorrow I hope to pull in a 2 miler.

I will catch you guys in the studio later tonight; I am inclined to do some more abstract/aquarium photography.

Have a great day,


Lyssaboo said...

I saw those shoes, too, and I want them! They would have been useful to me in highschool, I was in track and cross country. Glad you liked them :)

hockeygirl said...

i also have them Serg.. i love them! my friends and i all go them and when we dont go running together we can share our results, its fun and a nice bit of friendly competition! lol

looking forward to the new pics too!

Peace&Love :)

ncchapman said...

My brother has that. He loves it! I, myself, don't run... I can probably run about 1/2 a mile before.. passing out BUT if I did run, I'd get one of those.

WatchingStars said...

Wow..funny I was just thinking to myself "how can I motivate myself more to work out?" Hmm you gave me an idea...however I'm not a that ok?? lol AND I don't have an ipod..I have an mp3 player on my Instinct phone, will that work??

Anonymous said...

What a smart and fun way to get motivated to excercise! I might want to try that myself over the summer.

Can't wait for the new photos. :)

Jessica C said...

serg you have inspired me to go buy a Nike+. I've been trying to get my butt running everyday and i know this will help!

White Russian said...

That's awesome. Maybe all of us Nike+ people can motivate one another by sharing our results.

Jessica C said...

Totally...or maybe even some friendly competition? Try to rack up some miles this summer!

Isabelle R. said...

The Nike+ seems like an amazing product but I'm not sure we have them here in Canada yet!