Thursday, March 26, 2009

I tried to put my adventures in a box but the box was too small...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for being patient with me. The last few weeks were nothing short of non stop, in your face craziness.

So I was thinking of playing around with astrology for like week. I always found it interesting when my horoscope would match up with how I was feeling and I would very well easily forget the countless times when it hasn't. So I thought, let me see how many days of a week my horoscope would be accurate.

I guess the next step is to pick a place to get my horoscope. And in this day and age those places are a dime a dozen. If you guys have any recommendations let me know. I was thinking I could post my horoscope in the beginning of the day and then write how my day went at night time. Although I was never a fan of horoscopes. I much preferred BioRhythms. We will see; maybe I can do both. After this little bruhaha is over we can move on to some more photography talk.


Link from the past about an amazing robot artist. (Click only if you need to laugh)

Well I think I hit you all with enough stimulation. I feel like I should have eased the Serg back in your life a little bit more carefully. But I am sure you folks can handle it.

I would love to answer some of the questions you guys post on my comments; now that I found my Magic 8 Ball, I will restart posting answers in the comments section.

Enjoy your Thursday, oh and I almost remember to smile.



lin said...

Hey Serg...there is never a box big enough for all of your adventures. I find it hard to even try and compartimise (is that a word???) mine and often think I need to start my journal again. But it is very cool that you share your thoughts and photos and links with all of us. I do so enjoy your humour and your photographer's eye. I think taking photos is a lot like art; you have to have that creative eye. I can paint a picture of how I feel but to pick up a camera and capture an image that will stop a moment is true talent.
Your photos from the west coast are very cool. I like the one of the tree tops and the birds. I bet it was a blast seeing the palm trees after travelling around the wintery landscapes most of the filming year.
As for the whole astrology would be interesting if you do that experiment. Maybe we will too, just because it sounds kind of ... different. Don't read it in the morning as it will become self fulfilling. I don't know of any sites but maybe debs will have some advice there.
We all love to have a little Serg in our lives, btw. It makes us smile bigger. Rock on.

Debs said...

Serg, how can one NOT remember to smile after finding a new blog from you, seeing some new photos, and whatever other treasures you post??? I think the robot artist voice will stick with me all thanks for that! "first ve start with a virgin canvas..." Yeah OK...

As for sites for astrology, I don't know of any offhand, and it's not that I haven't looked, b/c when I was curious about Numerology, I also found tons of astrology stuff. The problem is, to get to the good stuff, the stuff geared more to YOU, you need to pay. You need to know exact time of birth. You need to know the phase of the moon. You need to know what your parents had for lunch the day before. OK, that last one I made up, but they ask for stuff I don't know!

I will tell you that years ago, a horoscope I read in the back of TV Guide actually pulled me out of deep depression over a guy I liked but who had turned into a total jerk. Weird right? but I had spent 4 or5 weeks feeling horrid, thinking I was going to need counseling, and I saw this thing and it was like a lightbulb had been turned on.

Let me ask you this--do the general traits given for your zodiac sign fit you? Alot, a little, kind of smorgasbord-ishly? It's the traits I find most interesting and the most applicable! Have fun with your experiment and like Lin said, don't read it in the AM b/c it could become self-fulfilling!! I'll post later if I can find some good sites for you!


Tessa said...

I really like that second photo you posted, it's a great use of shape and shadow.

One photographer to another, I would say watch your framing. you can ruin what would be a great photo just by not framing it right.
Not that you're really looking for advice, but you got some :)

You should post what camera and settings you used for each photo, too. We can learn a lot about each photo from that.

Kris said...

That last photo you posted made my day! :)

I always smile a little when I see a new post from you. It always means a whole new batch of photos, and usually a link to inspire me. So, thanks for that! :)

I'm really getting into painting with light. Any suggestions for a beginner?

Lyssaboo said...

Beautiful pictures :D
And the cute little robots made me smile, too.
But I used to be obsessed with horoscopes and I just read mine in the newspaper :P
What exactly are BioRythms though?

Anonymous said...

magic 8-ball says...."not likley"

Doolz said...

Thanks for the robot laugh. I thought about quoting something, I guess to prove that I watched it, but I thought the whole thing was so funny that I couldn't just pick one quote. I'm now going to make everyone in my office watch that video.

I usually read the horoscopes off MSN. You can customize the page so your horoscope shows up automatically towards the bottom of the page. I agree with the others; read your horoscope at night, so it won't influence your day.

Love the clown. Bizarre roadside attractions are fascinating.

the girabbit said...

Hello and greetings from Tokyo!
I am very amused with your adventures into the world of horoscopes. I don't have any sites to recommend to you, unfortunately. However I just had to say that my whole morning is based off of horoscopes as they are HUGE over here.

When I wake up and open up my cell phone (which doubles as my alarm clock) I am bombarded with my daily mini-horoscope.

Then I turn on the morning news (yes, the actual, serious honest-to-goodness news), and when the time rolls around to 6:58am, the announcers give a ranked list of the astrological horoscope.

I can change the channel and two or three minutes later on another news channel there's a name horoscope (how lucky your day will be depends on what character your last name starts with! very scientific)!

Then on the way to work, on the train, there's always video screens that show a daily blood type horoscope!

All in all, my day balances out.
Even if my astrological horoscope turns out to be in 12th place, I still have good luck that my name horoscope might do well. If that fails, then there's always banking on good ole' type O blood!

faith, hope, love said...

the link you had about the robot artist made my day--it was just what i needed since i've had a pretty glum week.

suggestions for horoscopes: if i look at them i either use the facebook app or i look in the daily paper. hunting down the websites is too time consuming and sometimes they want your money.

have a good day :)

TopSecret said...

A friend of mine (dad of hubby's best friend) studies astrology and what not. He made up a natal chart for me and the hubby.

He needed my name, birthdate, birthtime and birthplace if I remember right.

I still cannot believe how accurate it was.
There were alot of things that he couldn't know. We've only known each other for a little over 4 years and back then it must have been the third time I was visiting them.
Last time I talked to him he was still into it.

I dunno if that is what you are interested in.

I can talk to him tho and give you his email if you want and you guys can figure something out.
He is always looking for people he can use as study examples (well last I heard he was). And he won't use any info without your permission.


ncchapman said...

I like Yahoo! horoscopes or the Chinese Astrology application on Facebook. The Chinese Astrology is better then the Yahoo! one in my personal and professional opinion.

Thank you for not easing yourself back into me, i appreciate the stimulations...

that's what she said.

Anonymous said...

Oh god Serge. I think I just killed myself laughing! I'm now a ghost typing. xD I should never read your blogs early in the morning with my dirty little mind. It causes my mum to run in to the room to see if i'm laughing or crying. LOL

great photos again and great plan with the horoscopes.

And don't worry, i'll be smiling all day now after clicking that link. I'm also grounded because my mum heard it. xD!

Love Ash.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. Especially the second one. Very atmospheric. I like to read my horoscope the day after and see how close it got. It keeps me from subconsciously influencing the outcome. I also like to read a bunch them from differnt sites just to see how exciting my day should have been! (lol). Its a little late but thanks for introducing painting with light. Very cool!

White Russian said...

Hey all,

Thank you for the comments and suggestions. You guys are right on that I shouldn't read my horoscope in the mornings. I will probably use the horoscope widget that I can download for the mac and roll with that. I think they have several to choose from.

Its weird, Katrina and I are both Pisces and a lot of the times her and I exhibit similar traits.

Wikipedia can explain about Biorhythms a lot better then I can:

Kris, feel free to send me some of your painting with light photographs and we can go from there.

WatchingStars said...

Great photos Sergey :) Definitely made my day! You are so creative and thoughtful...hmmm! As for astrology I use It has always been right on the money for me-usually. I read my horoscope either mid-day or at night...but if I wait until night, sometimes then it is too late to act on something that I feel I should have...Anyways, have a great weekend hon :)

Jessica said...

So happy to see new posts from you! They really make my day! your such a positive person and I LOVE IT! Keep being you cause it's wonderful! Much love my friend!


Jessica said...

I have more to add to my previous comment :) Thought a little more about the whole horoscope thing and you know I'm not a huge fan myself. Yeah sometimes they are close to how your day is going but for the most part you decide how your day is going to go, you decide how you are going to let something effect you. They may be on about some of your personality traits but you decide how you react to situations. And above all that God has a plan for you no matter what! :) Just thought I would add that in!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Oliver Wendell Holmes.

frogie014 said...

In your photo of the seagulls the people seem to be looking in the same direction. I am curious to what they were looking at. I fit my zodiac sign Cancer to a tee but according to my sign I am not compatible with Libras(my husband's sign).Damn, you would think after being with him for almost 19yrs I would get a clue,huh.

jennifer magill said...

oh sergey you crack me up!! that link was hilarious and pointless. it has left me laughing and confused. lol.

as for the horoscope thing...i was never really into it, however, i am a pisces as well as my two sisters, and we are all very similar. on the off chance that i do read my horoscope, it often seems to be somewhat accurate. although you can mold then to whatever you want them to mean many times. but don't let that stop you!! enjoy.

as for the pictures, i love the dark graininess of the one with the bridge, and i love the retro and contrast effect of the intersection picture.

rock on serg!

Anonymous said...

HI serg, love to see you back blogging. Love the pictures, is that Ryan standing infront of the bridge?

as for the are one twisted russian..LOL and yes I did smaile this morning, and I ahve you to thank for that. Hope you ahve a wonderful weekend.

Ottawa Canada

Mari said...

Come on now, you don’t need to remind us to smile. Most of us here are smiling because you have posted something new. Or they are smiling all the time because like is amusing!!!! Which actually may not be a completely good thing because I sometimes scare my friends, but that’s bound to happen when I love to wear all black and seem unapproachable and then I break out in a huge smile……. O well.

Biorhythms are the best way to go for accuracy, but when you do do your little horoscope experiment pleases let us know how it goes.

Your pictures are awesome as always. Could we expect anything less??

Have a good day

JokerQuinn said...

I think you should look at your horoscope after your day is all said and done with. It is human nature to connect things, so if you read your horoscope in the morning, you will just be looking for things to connect it with throughout the day. While if you read it at night, it is easier to look back on the day and what you read in your horoscope and see if anything did happen. Rather than subconsciously trying to make it happen.

On a different note, I think you should take more pictures where people are moving in them. I'm not sure what that would be called, live action? I love to see people in motion in pictures, and I think you take really good action shots. So do you think there will be anymore in the near future?

JokerQuinn said...

Ahh one more thing I forgot to mention. I work at a retirement community, and when you start slowing down is when you start getting old. Trust me. So be thankful that you are busy, it will keep you young.

irishrose38pa said...

hey serg. glad to see ya back..this past week's show.. yikes! intense is not the word.. it was much more.. love the photos from the west coast.. i really like the one with the bridge. might i ask who is that standing there?

try this link for horoscopes.. i get one daily in my email from them.

Anonymous said...

I got intrigued about your interest in astrology . My favorite horoscopes come weekly and are found at Free Will Astrology. Sometimes they are right on, but sometimes not so much.


cindy said...

the photo of the first when I looked at the picture, I thought of midnight relaxing with a glass of wine while looking out at the water,..

but than I click on the picture which made it bigger..
as the picture got bigger my feeling change to one of loneliness..
a lonely soul watching the waves come and go..

cindy said...

oops, the bird/palm tree picture, made me think of close in spaces..which I have a fear of..
guess it's the way the shot is taken, it make it seem that everything is closing in..

the city street picture, I really, don't have anything to say about them..

Don said...

Hi Serg...nice photos, as usual. I haven't figured out what #1 is saying to me -- something about being between good and evil. I think the bridge photo is the most compelling. An interesting study in shades of black and white, I find myself wondering what the guy (Ryan?) is thinking -- or maybe he's just being. As for the last one, why is one gull lagging behind all the others? Another poop problem?

Thanks, Serg. Keep us imagining and laughing.

Lara V. said...

LOL about your "Positive Comments from Positive People" section. L.O.L.

Скажите Ryan прошу прощения said...

Duuuude the best horoscopes are at Astrology Zone. Just google it I guess...I'm always surprised as to how accurate they are. I like to think that I hold a small percentage of faith in them; however, upon meeting a new someone-or-other, I'll check the "compatibillity" meter and it's like "This pairing will cause both of you to burst into flame and be eaten by alligators" and I'm just like, "well, shit. If only he were a...uh...scorpio rising third degree moon over cumulo-nimbus or...whatever..." o_0So I suppose that makes me a fickle fair-weather astrology dabbler. I dabble with a raised brow, and a horoscope's accuracy is therefore contingent upon my liking what it says, lol.

WEEEP me, Frank-ul! WEEEP ME! Bahahhaa that was really. Really. Funny.

Lara said...

I'm completely new to photography- again (broke down and bought my first DSLR after years of point and shoots). It's become an addiction akin to that of any street drug. My poor family (aka unwitting victims) just LOVE the thousands of photos I end up with every few weeks...

Your photos are such fun to browse through; there's an intelligence behind the lens that comes through in your shots.


ncchapman said...

Ahahahahahah! I laughed really hard at the comment above mine.. if everyone was as honest the world would be a better place.

I notice things about people depending on their zodiac signs. I think that it's really interesting. My friends brother is obsessed with astrology and it's fun to hear what he has to say because he's so knowledgeable like you.

Anyways, the reason for my comment was to say that I think Gods involvement in our life is really very limited. Whether or not other people believe this it doesn't really matter in the point I am trying to make. I think life is a gift and you have two ways to live it.. good or bad. I find it hard to believe that God would will anything bad to happen.. Like a man walking into church and shooting a minister or a charter plane full of kids crashing. With free will comes the choice to live your life as you choose. So, what I am trying to say, without all the sidetracking I've done is that when God creates every minor feature of you it has it's purpose. Every detail of your creation was planned to serve a purpose to our world. The day you were born was the day that was chosen. And then he lets you loose. So, yes... I think that zodiacs reading of people's personalities is pretty accurate.

I was just thinking about this.. I think I branched it off the psychic Edgar Casey's predictions.

Angelina said...

just to throw my two cents in on the horoscope thing. Horoscopes by there very nature are are vague, they cover a broad area in the astrological wheel. It would be comparable to forecasting the weather for the entire US, saying that it will be partly sunny with a high of 72, maybe in a few regions that will be a very accurate forecast, but it might be raining with a high of 45 where I live. Unless you are doing a specific chart for one individual( which would include: Place of birth- city/country, exact time of birth and date. Horoscopes are useless

Side Note: Your photos is awesome! ^_^

Sarah said...

I'm a pisces too, and I do see that a lot of my friends who are pisces do act the same. We can always tell when one of us is in a bad mood or upset.

Wayne423 said...


Your comment about putting your adventures in a box reminded me of a line from the movie "SHIRLEY VALENTINE." (Yeah-yeah, I know, it's an old one. But mighty profound!)

In the movie, Shirley asks herself: "Why do we allow ourselves to live such LITTLE lives...?"

I always try to make my life as UN-little as possible. Okay, big, I mean big. Whether that means big in a creative sense or big in the sense of affecting other people's lives in a positive way, it doesn't matter. Just to make each day MEAN something.

Sounds to me like you think the same way.


Kristen JS said...

Hey there Serg!

Just wanted to say that I think you're a really talented photographer. I myself have always been passionate about photography, but I've never really been able to delve into it as much as i would like, since I'm a poor college student and the price of some good quality camera equipment is a little out of my range right now.

Anyway, clicking through your blog just reminds me of how much i love it, and that hopefully someday soon, ill be able to dedicate a good chunk of my time and finances towards the art that i love.


Kristen JS

Anonymous said...

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