Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heading Back

Hey Folks,

Will keep you all updated. Heading back to State College today. I will make sure to give you a mid-week report on my little horoscope experiment.








Well that's enough wasting your time. We are off to the airport. Here's to hoping we don't get stuck.

Take it easy,


Erica said...

Hahaha! Where do you find this stuff. That second link is hilarious! I was hoping that there was a point to the hampster in the wok.. like something interesting was going to happen. Alas I was forsaken. :P I'll check out your other links later. This girl has to go to work.

Hope you have a good trip home.

Doolz said...

Safe trip home.

Jessica said...

The German couples link cracked me up! What are YOUR thoughts on the ghost pictures?? Some seem to be very real others I can see being fake..? Hope you had a great flight back home. Get some rest and have a great week Serg :)

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

irishrose38pa said...

serg, why do i get the feeling that you are up at the oddest hours finding this stuff...some of it is just too damn funny..thanks for the smile today before work.. have a save flight and heres to getting some rest.

ncchapman said...

What is the first thing? Is it a plane?
The second one was hilarious. Don't they know there's other ways that actual intercourse to get pregnant? I don't know if I'd want to be neighbors with them any longer after that incident..
Hamsters are so cute! To bad they are bad pets. Why was he in a pan anyways? I hope he didn't eat him.. or his little hamster poops that he was kicking around.. ew.
Now I have one for you!

Hope you had a safe flight! =) Maybe you were somewhere warmer. It snowed in Chicago this weekend, so gay.

Debs said...

Woohoo, my afternoon just improved, another blog from the Sergmeister! Just wantd to drop in and say hey, and next I'll be heading thru all of those links! Have a good flight! Godspeed!

Jill Courtney said...

Great links! :) They made me smile.

I hope you guys made it home okay and that there were no major delays or anything like that!

Kris said...

Thanks for posting those links. I need to get some boxed water. :) Those ghost photos are something I could look at all day. I love classic ghost photos, and that photoshop link was awesome. Using photoshop is something I have to do in my classes, and it's always really neat to see what others do with it.

Oh, yeah, I shared your blog with my Mom today and she was in awe of your photos. :)

Lena said...

Hope you had a safe flight home!

J.Marie said...

The links were very amusing... they brought smiles to my face and a few laughs as well. :) Those ghost photos are classic and always interesting to look at. I dislike lying in bed all day when I'm sick but that definitely brightened things up! Thanks and safe travels!

lin said...

Hey Serg! Happy to find an updated blog from ya. Hope the flight home was ho hum and boring and no delays. Please give Xander a hug from us and give him an extra Busy Bone!
Will check out the links latah. They sound intruiging just from reading other peeps' comments. I want to write something for Debs to post on the boards.
ROck On!

Lyssaboo said...

Paid to do it 72 times hahaha

Erica didn't think there was a point to the hampster? *gasp!* Ok, there wasnt.. but was there a point to Napoleon Dynamite? I mean come on, that movie was great!

Lyssaboo said...

Crap.. HAMSTER... I suck at spelling :D

Erica said...

Boxed water?? O_o

I love photoshop haha. Apparently Madonna loves it too. Though they could easily have used photoshop to emphasize those wrinkles.

I've seen some of those ghost photos before.. now where did I see them.. Could it have been the univ con museum perhaps? ;) lol.

I showed some people that link of the couple. "I dont like anymore then you do..". Dude gets to fuck another woman.. mmm yes Im sure he's sooo torn up about it. :P

Charyl said...

Can I just say I find your "Positive comments from Positive People" on the front page absolutely hysterical! What a kicka** idea! :-)


Igor said...

i actually do not find hamster in wok funny. i think it is cruel. it is obvious that little thing is just trying to get out but not enjoying it. not a good pick, Sergik.

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