Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Be Right Back

Hello there readers,

Sergey is regretting that it has been some time since he posted. He will be back soon. Meanwhile enjoy some of these links.

-Sergey's Computer







~lost photographer~ said...

I wish my computer was cool enough to post random tid-bits after I've been away for a period of time!

btw...you touched many lives with last nights episode. Keep doing what you do!

Megs said...

lol I love that last link!

Where do you find such things Sergey? lol

Oh and random question:
Where on earth do you find all those new experiments and things like the, Ganzfeld Experiment, or that Shakti Helmet? Just curious :)

Erin said...

Wow synthetic blood?!?!?! That is so cool!!! It is sort of like those Sookie Stackhouse books and the show True Blood. The vampires would drink synthetic blood. Where did you find those links?

Bailey said...

I love the rock swirls. They're beautiful. Love the bear too lol

Erica said...

Sergey in the time that you looked for those links you could have probably written us a novel. lol. Unless you have a whole list of these sites already saved in your favorites... O_o

Cool links.

jennifer magill said...

amazing episode last night. i agree with what lost photographer said...you all touched many lives with that one.

Lyssaboo said...

"My Daddy Is a Dick." If I didn't see an old white dude with a Jerry Curl today, that would have made my day I promise.

And I think I saw a thing on "The Wave" on the Travel Channel.. heh, I'm such a dork.

TopSecret said...

Oh my god... www.englishrussia.com is so awesome!!!

He's got some of the greatest (and weirdest) pics I've seen online!!!


Amber said...

Last night's episode was very intense but very good! And comic strip link was very funny. Very awesome! And I also like the pictures of the rock swrils. Those are awesome pictures.

Alyssia said...

"The Wave" article was awesome. The way the strata on the sand dunes are amazing. Very beautiful pictures.

The episode Monday was amazing. Hope she doesn't have to go through that again. Definately the best episode so far.

~Keep doing what you do,
PS: You take very awesome photographs, you are very talented in that field. :)

lin said...

lin sez...
I should have checked your blog yesterday; it would have made my whole sucky Tuesday. As always, the links you post are mega cool and food for thought. On this early monring, I can appreciate the Wave and picture myself lost among the rock, toting water bottle and camera. The Rover on Mars shot was ... insane. Hard to believe that something so far away can be so close. The Math Teacher comic...priceless for us right brained thinkers...and just damn funny. Synthetic blood can help save lives and why not! Saving the best for last, is the bear the one you wrestled? And he is now leaving the building. Hurry back, Serg. The real us miss you but your computer is keeping the cyber us entertained.

erika said...

1st link- trippy!
2nd link- HAHAHAHA!!!
3rd link- gorgeous shots! this reminds me why i love mother nature.
4th link- ...not okay with me. ideas like this to progress the world's health by using technology will come back and bite us all, i swear.
5th link- totally cracked me up!

serg, this is why i check your blog religiously. you always have such interesting things to say/share. :)

by the way, monday's episode amazed me. all of you guys are angels!

Debs said...

Well, my radar was going off yesterday, but you posted after I last checked in here! We must co-ordinate that better! I'm tempted to make The Wave my wallpaper at work; I'm sure it would get quite a few people commenting, asking what it was....or else they'd all get seasick! OK, you started my Wednesday with a smile, so thank you!

Danielle said...

oh sergey...

seriously though, the question "where does he keep his gun" is totally on that kid's assignment sheet. i don't even want to know why the artist thought the kid should know that.

Mari said...

“Hurry back, Serg. The real us miss you but your computer is keeping the cyber us entertained.”<< I totally agree with lin

You sir have not been on in quite a while, but at least your computer gave us something to look at today.
I love the links. Do you just randomly search these things or are you looking them up on purpose???? Really I want to know!!

I hope you are having a good week
Mari ^_^
P.S. Good episode on Monday, though I must say I am happy I waited till Tuesday to watch it.

Doolz said...

Ha. And happy belated birthday!

Charyl said...

Tell your computer I think its new links are awesome. :-)

Anonymous said...

i love PRS serge. please keep doing what u do

JokerQuinn said...

Mmmmmm good old rocks. Good ole' sedimentary rocks.

And may I say that you are so polite, and well mannered!

(the previous statement was directed at Sergey's computer.)

~lost photographer~ said...


Have your people fix the forums.

Then have your people get in touch with my people on this lovely update.


(lol...i'm totally joking.)

JokerQuinn said...

I just tried to get on the forums and it isn't working for me either.


Aquaryan said...

Hi there, Sergey's Computer

Thanks for the links!

- Aquaryan's computer

ncchapman said...

Russia is on my list of places to go.. but i am now taking it off.

Just kidding... Where were you to wrestle with it?

I'll help you wrestle a bear, we can tag team it.

=) Natalie

Anonymous said...

Posting a comment to sergey computer, from cindy blackberry.