Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Business Card

Just a quickie post for the day...

I designed my own business cards over the weekend. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the business cards. Tell me your thoughts.

I figured I needed them if was I going to start by business. Over the weekend, I went out to bars and had so many good chances to give out a business card. Today it should hit the printers, I just need to find the right printers.




t-smak said...

Very Classy.

Charlotte said...

Its a good start. Try putting alittle more information on the card.

What you do, a telephone number and better yet a web page address.

In this buisness people like to be able to see your work. A web page is a must have now a days. You can sell your work direct off the site and if you are wanting you can advertise yourself to be hired for photoshoots.

I also suggest carrying around a small portfolio with you. It sounds lame but once folks find out your a photographer alot like to be able to see your work. So in cases that there is no web page to view right there you can pull out your portfolio.

I personally have 2. one larger one in my car which I also use for business and a smaller one. I got my work printed down to 3x5 in a small book that fits in my bag or coat pocket.

Okay enough of my rambling.

Oh and remember to start getting legal paper work sorted. Trust me this all comes in handy when you start doing work and selling your stuff. Copyright issues and so on.


Erica said...

Nice and simple, yet unique. I like it.

cindyscrazy said...

They look very good! When I looked at the big versions, it was hard to read your last name in the white. But it's fine when its business card sized. Did that make any sense? Maybe a different font?

Well, made sense to me lol.

Jackie.. * said...

Yes, very classy.
I agree.

Short, simple, and to the point.

Really all you need in a business card!

Good job!

Amy said...

Nice business card designs Sergey... simple yet stylish.
I like the way you spelled out the word "photography" with the first letter of your last name.
very clever :)
Good luck with everything! :)

Andi said...

It's simple but different, which is always good. Not just another boring old business card. But I agree with what Charlotte said that you should put some contact info on it, even a website. But remember don't over crowd any info on there. :)

My business cards are simple, just a painted design I had done on an old apartment wall. With all the necessary info.

But none the less, I like it.

White Russian said...

Hey all,

Thanks for the comments.

I am actually planning on putting the website on the other side, on the back. That is of course when I have a website.

I think it may be about two months before I have one.

I just wanted a business card to be able to give out to people when I hit any bars/clubs.

Irina said...

I like the design. Remember my green ouroboros cards? I got them printed at for a nominal charge - just search for a sale code online. :)

Nic said...

Giving out your card at bars and clubs now, are we Serg?

I like it. But I do think the font should be a bit simpler. And no phone number? Bit more info? (granted you may just not want to display that online of course).

Amy said...

I like the font actually, it's interesting and unique.
I'd be happy to set up a business site for you Sergey!
I would even pay for it!
But this is all your stuff so yeah... just be sure to tell us blog readers about it 2 months or whenever you finally get your own website.
All the best wishes to you! :)

Anonymous said...

I like it,simple yet eye catching!

Holly said...

Just a thought..But handing them out at bars and clubs? Will people remember SP photography 10 beers later?

-Art buildings
-random cork boards around campus
-social events
-Newspaper ads
-A myspace page wouldn't hurt. Its a great method for connects and links to your personal site
-local art magazines

Classy is a good word. Those cards project professionalism. Might also want to include a phone number with business hours. Cell phones usually offer a second line option you could use for business calls only.

Once I save up some $$$ I hope to solicit some services for a portfolio one of these days. :P

cheers and best wishes of luck in your business!

Amy said...

After some simple research I have found that Sergey does indeed already have a MySpace...
but it appears to be abandoned :(
Hope you come back to it again sometime Serge... me and all the MySpace fans miss you!

And I also agree it's a good idea to start a MySpace site for photography and business if you don't have a real website at the moment... :)

Colleen said...

Hey Serg,
You should be able to print those yourself with a good photo printer & glossy clean edge business cards - Avery offers free templates from their site. Sorry I can't help myself I work for Staples & have printed my own business cards for a candle sales business. I like the card layout, very sharp & contempory!

cindy said...
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darksavior said...

I like the cards. Simple, yet effective.

prslover said...

thats very interesting yu should go to kinko's or something send a copy to me i know people who want use photographer

TheJadedOne said...

I like the design on the business cards, did you purposely leave off the contact information because this is the internet lol? Otherwise you might want to remember to add that part. Love watching ya on the show though!

Anonymous said...