Monday, March 31, 2008

August 17th, 1996

We ran, like bandits...the perfect crime...all this candy and the best part was, that it was free.

My friend and I would often walk to a nearby airport. There was an entrance in the back into a parking lot. Before you reach that parking lot, you pass by office buildings and warehouses. Salt dunes and gravel pits. A dock with police boats. This was my backyard. Not, fields or forests. A place, and then a time, where one can walk past the "do not enter" sign, without any fear of repercussions. For during that time, there was plenty of undiscovered territory in the eyes of a 12-year old.

On one of the many trips through the "backyard," we decided to be spontaneous. Sometimes, I think a little spontaneity is good in your life, healthy even. So we were passing by the usual dilapidated hanger when the bay door felt a little more inviting that particular day. Perhaps it was because the usual route that we took started to become too repetitive. Whatever it was, we decided to just peek through.

-man talk about a typical intro to a horror movie. my friend and i should have died

The hanger hid five small propeller planes; their surface reflected hypnotically over the fluorescent lighting. This was not a good sign. The reflection was actually bird crap and by the amount, it did not bode well for the person in charge of cleaning it up. But like troopers, we drudged on through.

We kept on walking; so did the fear of someone catching us. It walked beside us during that adventure, but I guess it was because I wasn't alone, that I wanted to keep on moving. Knowing that a friend is by your side is a big thing for a kid. It almost seems that we forget about the old friends that were by our sides as we get older.

The hanger was connected to an office. The key lime green hallways contained the wooden doors that lead to tiny little work stations. The plastic plant in the corner stood there like a feng shui reject. This place was beginning to look...boring. I suppose it was time to head back. I glanced at the desk, as we moved along, and saw that someone was reading PhotoPC magazine. Interesting, I wonder where that person is now?

As we headed towards the exit on the other side of the office, we saw a vending machine. The sweets that lay inside called to us like drugs. Chocolate, gummi bears, Oreos. Don't parents understand that these are essential for a kid to survive. But something was wrong. There was glass on the floor, by the machine. Oh my god! Someone broke the glass and ran off with some candy. We froze. We just stumbled across a robbery that went wrong. "Vendi" fought hard to keep all the goods to herself, but unfortunately she wasn't strong enough. My friend reached inside and started cramming the remaining sweets into his pockets. I...joined him. The Twix chocolate bar shined like a brick of gold, and I bet it would have tasted better too.

"Don't get greedy. Dude! Let's go. Come on...what was that sound? Oh shit, runnn!!"

We started to sprint through the hallways and down the stairs. And although it sounded like there was something dark coming towards us, it was nothing but our fear...or a mouse decided to get in on some the action. My memory is a little vague about that part.

When we got the safe house, we decided it would be best to destroy the evidence. It was time to eat. I bit into the chocolaty, caramel goodness but the flavor was off. "Twax?" "Made it Peru?" What kind of over the border food was this? My friends gummi bears turned out to be Japanese men dressed in panda suits, or more commonly known as, "Manda Men." In 1989 the Japanese nation tried to unleash this cultural wave upon the American people. Their failure allowed them to comeback with, Pokemon. True story.

I want to say the morale of the story is that you should always look before you steal. I think the saying goes something like, "If you steal before you look, then you're probably a crook. If you look before you rob, then you must have done your job." Or something like that. I'm not a quotationist. You know...the person who studies quotations...*

After typing this little number up, I realized that for a photo blog, I have few photos on it. Lets make that change. For the next blog, I will take requests. Throw a word at me, any word. And I will do my best at capturing that word as a photograph.

*Disclaimer: Please note that certain parts of the story have been changed for creative reasons. I could tell you which parts and how they were changed but then the story would become less entertaining. No, the friend in the story was not imaginary.

No ponies were harmed in the writing of this story.


jessssssss said...


lol ponies.

brandi said...


all words that you could easily do the obvious thing with..i'm hoping you don't go that way with it. oh yeah *smears some love around* there you go. :)

cindy said...
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cindy said...

it's good writing and i hang onto every word..
like a child holding onto a candy bar..

a about a lonely cold one..

try to take some lonely cold pictures..

Andi said...

I have to admit I've only just been introduced to your blog, and well...I'm looking at it and laughing while I'm supposed to be working.

And as a former photography major myself, one of my old teachers gave us words to photograph. So you should try words like:


You could also take a series of photos that connect in identifying who you are, with your thoughts and personality. Maybe a side of you few people see.

Charlotte said...

I hope you post some of your work, as a photopgraher myself I love to see what creative paths others are running on.

As for words....

butterscotch (no you cant take a pic of the stuff you can buy in a grocery store or a pic of ice cream)





G'Luck :)

White Russian said...

Holy crap, you guys gave me some challenging words. I was expecting things like apple, or dog. But it will give me something to shoot for.

Keep em coming, I will try to use as many suggestions as possible.


charlotte said...

apple or dog? way too simple...unless

dog...could always hit up a shelter and take photos, or a cold fridge...perhaps a market place

apple...a simple shot of a bow and arrow, nothing else could nicely represent apple.

okay thats what I came up with but this is your little project not mine *LOL*

also try words like






Anonymous said...

I must say very entertaining. Made me smile so thank you.

gratitude-there ya go. :D

t-smak said...

I really like black & white pictures. You should post some.

p.s. I think youre an amazing writer.<3

Amy said...

I love your style of writing Sergey!

Amy said...

P.S. just showing some extra bloggage/playful pony love ;)

WishCommandress said...

Awesome story Sergey. You really know how to capture the imagination with words.

By the way, are you playing with those My Little Ponies AGAIN?

Here are some words for you to photograph:

You're a smart guy, I'm sure you can figure out something to do with these. :D

White Russian said...

Thank you for all the compliments everyone, and thank you for submitting a slew of words.

I will attempt to photograph as many of these as possible. Let see what I get in a week?

Andi said...

I hope your photo adventures are coming along well Serg!!

I was cleaning out the basement and found a Polaroid camera with unopened film!! Haha like finding ancient treasure in your backyard. So I went out into the sunny spring afternoon and took "artsy" snap shot with really terrible film...haha.
And yet I can't seem to let go of how much my discovery of the camera has made my day...haha.

Amy said...

Hey Serge, looks like you already got some inspiring words for upcoming photography but just thought I could offer you a few more...

night time
animals (real ones like Xander, not My Little Pony toys lol)
and SERGEY! (some pictures of yourself would be nice)

Good luck and have fun! :)

jessicalee said...

Have you ever considered a career as a creative writer? Because you probably should. :) Also, I will give you one word...

(and yes, I DO mean My Little Ponies)

cindy said...

if i see one of your picture that you've posted or going to post and like it..
could i buy it???

Jackie.. * said...

Ponies?? What ponies???

And as for Photogsergey subject..
One word.

Have fun with that one!

Another word..

Ha! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dwindling, sidetracked, hunger, voluptuous!


Holly said...

What a cute story! It reminded me of my first robbery experience in high school that dealt with a vending machine. I felt bad and left some change in the machine..Which Im sure was later taken by other students but my conscience is clear!

Only other thing I stole was a road cone..Those big orange things construction workers leave lying around. I felt it was an odd thing to steal, so that in itself made it okay. Well Kinda...umm yeah..

Inspirational words...hmm

*Raw Nature
*Society Misfortune
*Humans just being
*life cycle
*Procreative potency

Sara said...


Adria said...

A word....