Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Studio: An Intro

So a room opened up in the middle of nowhere. It has now become my photography studio. The exciting part is not knowing what is to come from it.

More details to come.

I have yet to finish to that little word game we are playing. I will post some some of them along with the studio post.

Oh and I joined the masses....

All the best,


WishCommandress said...

Congrats on the new studio! Good luck in getting it off the ground.

I also look forward to seeing those photos. By the way, what happened to posting the photos from the last episode on the PRS boards? Everyone there (ok, all the girls there) are dying to see them.

Oh, and welcome to the masses on MySpace. Be prepared for being inundated with messages and friend requests from fans.

Jackie.. * said...

Serg got a studio!!!!

Promise to show me!!!

stories said...


Not MySpace! Lol. Read my column:


Congrats about the studio.


Amy said...

Hey Sergey, so glad you finally have a MySpace!
Congratulations on the studio! Can't wait to see the photos you took inspired by all the random suggested words. :)

cindy said...
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Amy said...

Hmmm... updating this thing again sometime this century would be nice Serg... lol
Just kidding, I understand you are probably just too busy. :)

Holly said...

Yo G
Check this out

That guy is one crazy mofo

Orelinde_03 said...

Myspace is addicting, as I am sure you know by now. My cousins's college aged kids got me in to it, to keep in touch with them, and friends from out of state. Now it is one of my favorite sites.

Welcome to myspace!

Enjoy the studio!

Anonymous said...

sergey, where have you been!! its been almost a month w/out my little russian photo dude's stories, jokes, and advice!!!kno ur busy, but check up asap! hope u had fun @ the field trip, wish i could have been there!
all the best, Lizzie*

Amy said...

Yes, we are all lacking and in deep withdrawal of White Russian flavored jokes, photos, stories, and advice!
But I'm sure Sergey hasn't forgotten about this blog, and should be coming back as soon as his schedule becomes less busy...
All those field trip attendees are so lucky to have met him!
Wish I could have been there too :(

Miss ya very much Serg!
Creator of your MySpace Fan Club

Hannah said...

Just a quick question that you've probably gotten before (I apologize.)

Does your display name (White Russian) have anyting to do with the Bolshevik Revolution? Or am I just over-analyzing :D

Amy said...

well sergey's nickname is pretty self explanatory; he's a white russian! haha so yeah that is most likely it, but also because he's yummy! ;-]

Kat said...

Yay for the studio

Anonymous said...