Saturday, January 09, 2010

So what's new Serg? does it feel good to be back.

And what better way to welcome in the New Year in State College, then with 16 degree weather1. The cold isn't that bad; and there is just enough snow to create ghosty snow people.
Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down." Some proverb found on the Internet....Hmmm, lets add another one: "They might have something against you if the shoe print matches to the one
at the crime scene, but if you wore socks, then theres a good chance you can get away.
So there is exciting new stuff for the new year; one of which is the airing of the Western State Penitentiary episode of Paranormal State. This is an episode produced by Ryan and directed by Chad. And with proud admiration, I would like to partake in everyone's excitement and offer, for viewing pleasure, some of the photos that I took during the investigation. ------------------------------------------------------------ With that, I would also like to upgrade Serg. It's time I install some updates. For those new resolutioners out there...are you having an easy time right now? Its gonna get harder, but it will be worth it. I was thinking of changing and redesigning the blog for starters. New Year means, new ideas.
1. Wiki: When the temperature falls below -10 C(14.0 F), snow will squeak when walked upon due to the crushing of the ice crystals within the snow. If covered by a layer of freezing rain, the hardened frozen surface acts to echo sounds, similar to concrete.
******* The photo on the <------- was created by merging two sperate photos by that of....train. It's a rather unique process from the Industrial age. I printed out two photos I took and took them to train yard and laid them on top of the track, one over the other. A few minutes turned to a few hours and in as little as 9 hours I got this photo after the train passed over them. It's funny, I recall taking several photos of that chapel, inside that penitentiary. Tomorrow I will delight Flickr with some uploads.


justdawn said...

You truly did that on a train track? That's amazing! It's one of those pictures you can't stop looking at. Loved the ghost footprints too. I'm really looking forward to "Darkness Falls". Sort of...:). As I said on the forum I'm not sure I'm ready for what scares you guys! Happy New Year!!!

Kris said...

Ah, so I was right about the location of Darkness Falls! I asked Chad about it, and of course, he was all secretive about it and would only give me a little " ;) ". Speaking of the snow, I was really hoping for a big batch of the white stuff so I could take inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes and make a snow chicken, snow for me.

That photo is absolutely amazing! You really did that on a train track!? Awesome! :) I sat here for a while trying to figure it out. Can't wait for Darkness Falls! I've heard so much about the Penitentiary. I think every paranormal investigator has heard at least one spooky story from the place.

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes via Twitter!!

WatchingStars said...

Awesome job on the train track pic. You are so creative :-) You have really inspired me and I thank you for that.

I just opened my own online store as well. I'm kinda nervous about it, but everyone keeps telling me that I need to sell my stuff! So here's to a new adventure in the New Year for me..*crosses fingers*
(I put a link to it on my blog)

I can't wait to see "Darkness Falls", the preview at the Stanley was awesome. I've been waiting ever since!!

Take care!

Dru said...

I kept trying to click on the picture to blow it up and take in all of the details, but it wouldn't let me, grrrr... If it's on flickr, then I'll just have to peruse your pictures there for it, which sounds like a fabulous idea to do anyway. I think I may have mentioned on another post of yours about a local photographer that makes all of his pictures look like paintings? His website is if you want to check it out. Oh, and Happy New Year! :)

ncchapman said...

Western State Penitentiary? I thought it was Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia that was haunted.. I was in Philly for New Year's. I wanted to go to Eastern State Penitentiary and the Musuem of surgical oddities(even though I think there's one in Chicago) and all my friends said "Only you would want to spend New Years day in a prison" and wouldn't come with me... Anyways, I enjoyed the weather in Pa, it was pleasant compared to the weather in Chicago.. I don't know why people live here.
That picture of the chapel was awesome. I hope you didn't spend 9 hours waiting for the train to come. Put the prints up on in your store. I want one.

Aquaryan said...

I was just going to ask that very question... I cannot wait to see the new pictures from you. I cannot wait for Monday's show of P.S.

Allison said...

Oo that is awesome! I love photography. My cousin is majoring in photography and she loves what you do. I show her everytime you post new photos and she always says, "I can't wait until my pictures are that famous", when, in all actuality, they probably won't.
I thought the one on the beach was very interesting. I liked how the foot prints seemed to be reaching out of the sand.
Keep up with your blog. It always makes me :)


jessie said...

you are amazing!

JokerQuinn said...
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JokerQuinn said...

The episode last night was amazing Sergey! Truly one of the best I have seen throughout the last 4 seasons. I enjoy the episodes where you help clients out and help them to understand the unknown and get control of their fears. But it truly was a treat to see you and the rest of PRS take on that investigation. To do something that was just purely an investigation and not working with clients. I hope there will be more episodes like that to come in the future.

And if your looking for a laugh. This link was just shared with me. At first I was a little taken a back, but after I watched it for a few seconds, it truly lifted my day. Hope it can lift yours as well.

It might take a quick few seconds to load.

White Russian said...

Hey Everyone; thank you for the comments. I was actually joking about the train track thing. Thought the 9 hour time span would have given that away. Instead I just merged the two photos in photoshop and a little bit of playing around I got that.

It truly is amazing what you can find on the internet. The video was very hypnotic.

Kris said...

You're always the jokester, aren't you, Serg? :) I actually feel for it, too. You probably would have seen on the news where some girl got ran over by a train trying to achieve that outcome. And that girl would have been me. Thanks for letting us know you were joking! :)

Anyway, about Darkness Falls: amazing, amazing episode. Props to you for staying in there on the x-ray table. :) Any chance there could be a PRS field trip to WV State Pen? I'd definitely show up for that one!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


WatchingStars said...

I knew you were joking about the 9 hr time span-cause I don't think you would have the patience for that LOL.

Anyhow kudos on the Darkness Falls episode. I was a LIL nervous watching it! Chad did an awesome job. I hope he gets more opportunities to do stuff like that! Can't wait to see what the future will bring for all of you! :)

Raquel~Marie said...

Yay! Another photographer in the making :) Great work Serg! I cant wait to see more of your art :) Keep up the wonderful work!

Penny said...

Wow..that train track picture is really amazing. I love that you are trying new techniques and stuff. I have not been in out in awhile but I need to. I am so happy and peaceful when out and about shooting b & w.

I clicked on the pictures but they didn't open in another window. I would love to see the train track photo larger.