Thursday, October 01, 2009

Political Thursday - Public Healthcare

So we just got back from a huge investigation. Its 5:00 AM. I decide to have a cup of the ol' green tea before I go to sleep...

...waiting for it to brew I decide to check my email and browse the internet...

I hop on the reddit to see whats happening on the Interweb and I find a Congressman who has the balls to say what others are thinking. What I am referring to is Florida's Rep. Alan Greyson. He presents a clear plan that the Republicans have regarding America's Heathecare: 1. Don't get sick. 2. If you do get get, die quickly. Below you will find the videos you should watch as this story unfolds.

I find it completely hypocritical of the Republican Congressmen who one, compared Rep. Alan Greyson to Joe "the Douchebag" Wilson, but two cannot comprehend the idea of freedom of speech. What I respect about Greyson's actions is that he is not letting a good idea fall through the cracks. The American people really need to understand how important this issue really is. Look at the various sources of information that are out there and educate yourselves. PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES! YOU WILL NOT FIND ALL YOUR INFORMATION FROM FOX NEWS!

Key take away points:

-The study that Rep. Greyson is referring to states that as many as 44,789 deaths a year are a direct result from lack of health insurance. So let's do some simple arithmetic here:

year: 44,789
month: 44,789/12 = 3,732
week: 44,789/52 = 861
day: 44,789/365 = 123
hour: 44,789/8670 = 5

So between the three hour drive back home, 15 people passed away.

-Rep. Greyson brings another good point to the table: the private insurance companies don't want the change because they know their profits will decline (one of the finer qualities of capitalism - money always takes priority over people). Currently, all the health insurance companies are spending as much as $700,000 daily on lobbying against health reform. Yea, read that line again. Per day, $700,000 is spent. I'm not even gonna do the math on that because I'm afraid I might throw up when I see the annual number. For a full press release about this number, visit here.

Final Note

Ever since Obama won the election I began to pay attention to politics just a little bit more. Catching the news on TV periodically, or reading interesting articles that I find floating around...anything really that I can make a note to see how our society evolves. What I find is that, as more and more truth is revealed about how this world works, I start to feel sick. Unfortunately, a visit to the doctor, even if I could afford it, would not make be feel better. This is the kind of sick where you find yourself questioning, at what point can "humane" no longer fit to be associated with "human." This idea that I want to distance myself from all the people of the world because of the greed, jealousy, vengance, hatred that I see flows in their blood. And then there is bursts of hope, that there are good souls on this planet who are fighting for a worthy cause. A cause that I can support. A cause, that I know, will make me feel better about being human.

Thank you for reading,
Sergey Poberezhny


superrawgirl said...

Wow, great post. I totally agree with you. Sometimes,I get caught up in feeling like there is no one or nothing worth fighting for out there. Then you read something great or have a great encounter with a total stranger that makes your day seem brighter.

I think sometimes you just need to admit that you were wrong about things (like our healthcare system) and put political views aside and do something for the greater cause.

WatchingStars said...

Wow, this whole health insurance issue is really bugging me. For one, since I am out of work now, I have to cancel my insurance because I can no longer afford it. Also, I have a back issue that needs constant care for, and not many insurances will cover chiropractic care, and if they do, it is only small percentage. And now that I am canceling my insurance, I don't know how I am going to ease my comfort now with my situation. Sorry I don't mean to complain. I usually don't like to about this, but it just makes me upset that our health care system doesn't seem to care about people, only money. I can't help my back problem. It wasn't from an accident or something that I did, I was born with it, so why should I be denied care for it?? It is not something that I can help. Also, what about all those people who get Cancer or some other hereditary disease that cannot be prevented, why should they be denied help no matter what kind of money they make? It is like a holocaust in disguise in some ways. I know that's a twisted way to look at it. But it's like, well "unless you have the money, too bad you're not worth staying alive". Ok now I'm on a rant, and I'm taking up a lot of space. I apologize, but a lot of people aren't aware of what's really happening in this country. I know I haven't done a lot of research, but I know enough on the surface of things, to see where things are headed, and it scares me. I hope things are turned around in the near future, so that no one is denied the help that they need, no matter what the situation is.

IsoldeofAvalon said...

Rock on Sergey! I agree with everything you've written. I'm a recent college grad struggling to find a job because OH NO! My healthcare insurance runs out after this December and I am screwed if I don't get some.

Times like this makes me wish I could head over to Britain or Canda.

Alyssia Garber said...

Great post.
I really do not understand why it is such a big deal about changing it. Well, I do know why.. but I cannot understand the greed some people possess.

I am a Canadian, and I find out health care is great. Sure, we do pay more in taxes, but the thing is, I can go to the doctor, or the hospital when I am sick and not have to worry about a huge bill at the end of it. The taxes we pay helps that out. And no, it is not scary socialist stuff. It is common sense, and helps everyone out. I don't have to worry that some rich person is going to go ahead of me because they have more money.

Peace out!

Alyssia Garber said...

oops! just saw a typo!

out is supposed to be "our".

my bad!


WatchingStars said...

Now wishes she was Canadian, for once lol, sorry..but it is true, I think that system works better, which is one of the reasons I considered moving to Europe a year ago!

Alyssia Garber said...

Well, one thing I see on the American news (my mom watches CNN for some weird reason) is that they always show when that people do not want the new health care system. You guys need a big rally in SUPPORT of it, that way there is more of a chance of it getting passed through.

And WatchingStars, you don't need to apologize because you want a better system, and being Canadian is cool :P haha.

Bri said...

My thoughts exactly. And I don't understand why more people aren't speaking up in their everyday lives.

Tryst said...

I appreciate this post, from a personal 1st hand perspective. My husband is in Iraq, and because of this, we have currently, excellent insurance as only expatriots do. (Means works outside the country more than 330 days a year). It is a double edged sword actually. With this coverage, my hospitalization has tripled yet at the same time, the odds of me being alive without those hospitalizations is zilch. When we had an HMO, they refused to approve many of the procedures that I have had to have since then. Without them? I'd be dead, bluntly.
When you have chronic issues such as Lupus, an autoimmune disorder, my issue, spinal tumors and the like, you're odds of survival without good insurance, without the funds to pay for the extras that even good insurance won't cover? Are zilch.
One of my closest friends has the same form of Lupus that I have, it is what started our commadary to begin with. She's lost her home, her ability to swallow, has a trach, and is in a wheelchair now, all for things that could have been prevented if she had good coverage. In the long run, the costs for taking care of her now? Are astronomical, and a harrowing window into what's possible for my own future.
When my husband comes home from Iraq, we have that dark cloud hanging over our heads. What happens when we don't have this muscle bound insurance coverage then?? Many of the procedures that I need to have are still looming on the horizon due to my immune system. It's a race to see what comes first. The lack of good insurance, or the procedures for the tumors. My hospital costs for last year alone? Over 1.4 mill. I spent 7 months in the hospital for immune issues, mrsa and the like.

Irony, we could divorce, I could go on Govt provided coverage, and be good. It may come down to that, who knows. It wouldn't be the first time we've lived in sin. This time however, the sin isn't ours to claim.
Again, thank you for your post I appreciate it.

belle said...

so i see you've brought up the insurance topic, serge, sooner than i thought. health insurance is a touchy subject for me. for one thing, i have a job but i do not have health insurance so i've been trying (with no luck) to look for a job that has great benefits. even if i could get insurance, i don't make quite enough to pay for the monthly cost plus future expenses. one solution? marry my boyfriend? no not yet, but the subject has been brought up when i injured myself while working and wished i could get an x-ray on my sprained ankle. you should have heard how fast that "no" came out when my bf (jokingly) said "we should just get married so you'll get covered by my insurance." but hey he has great benefits.

but why get married just to reap the benefits? and health insurance is something we all should have, but most of us can't afford. one huge problem i have with health care is the cost of an exam, a consult, a procedure. its crazy. before when i did have insurance i would go in every time i felt sick, and most of the time i practically diagnosed my situation. and what do i get out of it? a doctor's note to get out of work for the day and a prescription for tylenol or ibuprofen i could pick up at my local drugstore. i could've had a 5 year old do the same thing and i could've paid in happy meals and halloween candy.

so what have i been doing? i've taken an even higher initiative to take good care of my health. after all in the meantime while the politicians work this out, at least my health is something i have control over. and hopefully with rep. greyson's standpoint being well heard i have faith that a positive change will happen soon. until then, as they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

oh, btw, i see you've taken up drinking green tea. good job! i've been doing it for a while. lots of good health benefits.

belle ^_^

WatchingStars said...

Reading this at the CNN news website:

President Obama states, "As a result of this work, we are now closer than ever before to finally passing reform that will offer security to those who have coverage and affordable insurance to those who don't," he said in a White House statement...

"We have a long way to go," Obama said in his statement, "but I am confident that as we move forward, we will continue to engage with each other as productively as the members of the Finance Committee, and will get reform passed this year."

Here is a link:

that shows what the proposed plans are. Click on the tab that say "The Leading Plans"

-I just hope that this is continually pressed and people continue to show their interest in the subject. Having to cancel my health insurance cause it is too expensive for me now, I am now watching the results of this bill. *praying*

paranormalgirl said...

Okay, so from everything I understand about the Health Care debate...I understand I understand why people are scared...they don't want the gov running the state. They don't want to have to choose their doctors. But I'm not sure of all the points being made? Other than spending gov money and having to choose your own doctors I don't understand why it's so bad?? why is it good? I'm either or. I haven't really been keeping up with it, mostly because I'm sick of all the negativity on the news....

as well as the comment you made about Fox News...Fox news in the only news cast I watch. At least they don't push their views on you and if you don't agree your unamerican like CNN. CNN is horrible about bashing all who don't agree with them and that's what I don't like about them. I want both sides of the arguement, not just one way which is why I choose Fox over anything when I do watch the news.

Anyway, great post. You do make your point well and have a way with words.


Love_Ya_Later said...

I guess I am lucky for some things lately, I am a single mom, and qualify for state insurance for me and my children, but my parents are running into insurance problems lately. My dad has been layed off of work for almost 2 years now and if he leaves the union to find another job they loose their insurance and no one will cover my mother anymore. She has had 4 back surgerys and breast cancer and is on medication that would cost hundreds of dollars each month without thier insurance. Its a catch 22 situation, if my dad finds another job to pay the bills, mom then looses the insurance, and if he doesent go back to work soon they may loose the house.

Loraine said...

Heard something interestingy today about a business woman who said that it is cheaper to pay for her healthcare needs, when they arise, versus prepaying for insurance coverage and having to handle the deductibles and non-coverage. Kind of makes one think about insurance anyway -- when did it all start and why -- and why would the people making huge amounts of profit from the fears of others thinking themselves into illness worrying about not having insurance not want us to change things -- well, think about it. Just like the media telling us on advertising that we must buy this or that to improve our lives takes our power away from us -- so now it it the time for each one of us to realize our own uniqueness and power and realize that we are all connected and responsible for our own thoughts -- so think GOOD ones and stay well. Keep speaking out, and apathy and compacency kills more than anything else.

Tessa said...

My most sincere hope is that everyone eventually stops watching fox news and it becomes a relic that only zealots watch, like the 700 club.

I find a very good place to find truthful, accurate news is the huffington post.( )
They're often the first news outlet to break a story.

WatchingStars said...

I agree they say "Laughter is the best medicine" It's amazing how stress is a huge factor to people getting sick. It's important to find that inner peace that will hold you together! :)