Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inspired by Others - Monica Szczupider

I came across this photo and I thought I would include it in Inspired by Others....

As photographer I am really drawn to photojournalism. There is an art with this type of photography where the photographer must embed oneself heavily into the environment and yet, remain a fly on the wall as to not disturb anything during the process.


I was up pretty late working on a creative project which I will share with you guys later on. Just want to do some fine tuning before I release it into the wild.


WatchingStars said...

Aww, the pic is so sad..and yet so sweet, cause they are all saying goodbye to their friend.

I noticed it was from "National Geographic". As a child, I remember looking through all the National Geographic books my Dad had collected. (Over a 200 at one time).
I would just sit there and look at the people and the animals and the places of the world. I was so inspired and moved, that I think from just looking at all those photos for hours and hours, helped me have more of a heart towards the world and humanity...
And why I love taking photographs now.

There is just something special of being able to capture certain moments, in order so that "moment" lives on...not just for the photographer, but for the world.

Kris said...

That photo almost made me cry. It's so beautiful and sad at the same time. I've always been amazed by photojournalism. Being able to really get in there and take those amazing photos just blows me away.

So, you said you were getting into photojournalism? I'd love to do that. But my tiny little college offers a minimal amount of photography classes, so I'm having to go find them somewhere else.

superrawgirl said...

Wow, I went from laughing hysterically at Modern Family to my heart ripping in two seeing that photograph. So thanks. No seriously, seeing animals in grief is probably one of the most difficult things for me to see, I can't even imagine being the one taking he photograph. I think photojournalism is the ability to recongnize emotion and then be able to tell the story through the camera.

Can't wait to see your project. I am sure it will be Sergey-rific.
Take Care - Heather

Aquaryan said...

The photo does capture some interesting thoughts.

jetson said...

The pic makes me wonder what the noise was like... Was it really silent? Did they know humans were helping? Did they want the humans to help? They are so intelligent that I would almost be afraid...

I watched Mr. and Mr. Wolfman last night on Animal Planet. If you are into wolves, you should check it out! I want to be there taking photos!!!!

Suspended Belief is nice. I really like the balance and lighting. I would expect more distortion.