Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey guys

So I got an iPhone. Right now I am traveling to the airport and at the same time I am blogging. So I want to try a new form of media communication with you all. I have a bunch of camera apps for my phone so from time to time I will take photos and videos to share with you. Last case, Chad and Ryan were vlogging like crazy.

I will respond to emails tonigt when I get in. Sorry about the delays; the Thomas house event and two investigation took up a lot of my time.

Stay strong,


ncchapman said...

iPhones are god's gift to those who are always on the go... Or to people who are super fashionable and wish to be tech savy like myself. Glad to hear that you will be staying in touch while you are away.

Miss cloveR said...

Good to hear from ya. Haha... so you've joined the "dark side". How does it feel? Does it make you feel dirty? ;D

Next thing you know you'll be tweeting with the twats on twitter.

super_nanny_kel said...

I don't have an iphone but I love my Sprint Instinct, I'm addicted to it, it's pretty sad. I think I may need therapy someday :P Glad you are going home and hopefully getting some rest. Thanks for the advice at Thomas House, we decided to take action...hopefully we'll get some answers soon. Take care hon, and maybe see you at the next Open House. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love my iPhone. And I found this old Russian electronic game that has been redeveloped for iPhone. I remember having it in middle school and playing nonstop. It's called eggs USSR - right next to iRusRadio.


super_nanny_kel said...

Oops just saw Ryan's twitter, guess you aren't going home-my mistake ;) Well have fun in HOTlanta. Enjoy the heat. :P

hockeygirl said...

did i see that Ryan tweeted you, would that mean u gave into the twitter craze as well?

welcome to the addiction that is twitter! :)

have fun in ATL and be safe on your case!

ps-im totally addicted to my iPhone to, welcome to the dark side! :)

Alyssia said...

Hey Sergey!

Welcome back. So, how is the dark side? :P Hope you are having a lot of fun. Cannot wait till the new season comes out, and also your videos and photos. :) :)

Have fun! ^.^

belle said...

welcome to the dark side. i love my iphone. one of the greatest inventions next to the light bulb. have you gotten used to typing on it? well, in no time you will be typing at 65 wpm. lol. i don't know if that's even possible? good to hear that you've found another way to be in touch and a way to keep up with photography and vlogging/blogging.

take it easy ^_^

White Russian said...

Hey guys,

Yep, so I guess I am all hooked up: blogger-myspace-twitter. All are connected. Only thing that is left is a youtube channel.

Time to get some nightly reading in before I hit the sack: Old Souls by Tom Shroder.

Irina, I will have to check out that game. One thing I totally forgot to put on my iphone was another popular Ruski game: Tetris.

Night folks.

super_nanny_kel said...

Old Souls..what do you think of it? I totally believe in that..Old souls, new souls, advanced souls, white souls, and dark ones. If you've ever encountered a dark soul, you'll know it. All they do is suck the light out of you and try and pull you down with them, and all you have to be doing sometimes, is just standing next to them. It is the creepiest feeling. Okay I'm off to start my day, good luck at your next case!

ncchapman said...

Tetris is a russian game?.. I feel so connected to my heritage now that I know this considering I am a Tetris addict.

Anonymous said...

I had a history teacher addicted to his iPhone. He'd show us his new apps in class. Have fun with your new new-fangled contraption. 8)

J.Marie said...

Twitter, huh? I get made fun of for tweeting, but I can't help it... it's become an addiction. :) Glad you are enjoying your iphone! It's awesome of you to stay so connected to your fans. Take care!