Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hey Everyone,

On the road again...

Seems like no matter how many days we get off, the time sorta flies by. For several weeks now, I have been uploading a photo with a short story on A&E's Paranormal State Facebook group. I included to link to it on the bottom. I usually submit one every week on Mondays. If you guys are bored, feel free to check it out.

Facebook Paranormal State Photo Album

But now here I am, ready to take on our next case. I kinda decided to take advantage of the different locations that we travel to, so I stepped out of our hotel tonight and took some photographs of the streets of...whoosh. That was close one; obviously our location has to remain a secret.

Now for those of you who aren't fans of Twitter, maybe this will convince you:
Somehow I can see this becoming quite a following.

Off to get some rest.



Lyssaboo said...

I hate twitter, but that site was hilarious :P
I'm on Facebook all the time, though, so I'll have to check out your photos on there sometime :)

HockeyGirl-10@comcast.net said...

time always seems to fly, even if at moments it seems like it standing still, then whoosh, its gone!

i really like the photo's you add to the Facebook page, its nice to get a peek and the story behind the picture! thanks

lol u almost let that location slip... ;)

...o boy, ill have to check that twitter account out, looks like it'll be interesting!

hope you get that rest, along with the rest of the crew too! thanks for taking the time to update us all!


Miss cloveR said...

Hehehe. You're a twittering twat now! ;D As am I. We've submitted and become part of the machine...We should both feel very dirty about this.

Checked out that twitter page. I actually didn't think it would be funny based on the handle, but it was great. I love foul-mouthed crotchety old men. I think I may have been one in a past life.

super_nanny_kel said...

All I can say is "wow" @ shitmydadsays... I guess it's funny as long as it's not my own Dad... I feel sorry for anyone who's father talks like that. Just my own personal opinion. It's amazing the weirdos you find on Twitter, including myself :P Have fun in Michigan, it's a bit like WI only MORE boring I think. Chaio!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of twitter, but whoever's behind that twitter account's a genius! I'd consider sigining up just to follow him. :D

cashmoneyhoney said...

Dammit, I just deleted my Twitter account for saying stupid shit to people. Now I want to rejoin so I can follow this guy! How the heck do you find all this unbelievably funny shit, Sergey? I still laugh when I think about the those old biatches in Sex, Drugs & Bedpans!

Anonymous said...

Love the old guy on Twitter. He's hilarious! Thanks for the heads up. Have to check out photos later. Peace.

Erica said...

I have now decided to follow that dude. That is awesome! Reminds me of www.fmylife.com.. or textsfromlastnight. Pure entertainment. Thx for sharing.

~Meari~ said...

Hahahaha I LOVE that "Shit my dad says"