Friday, April 03, 2009

Part Two of Quincy

So here guys go; the final set. In fact it kinda ties with the fact that we just wrapped our final episode for the season. Tomorrow we fly to back to lovely State College...35 degrees and snowing. Well its ok. I am sure I'll get to see the sun sooner or later.

Its rather unbelievable that we are finished. I feel relieved, yet a little empty. Where to go from here? What to do with the magnitude of time that I just flushed back into my life. There obviously a bunch of little things that must be done... taxes, yuck. I remember watching some conspiracy videos that told me I don't have to pay any taxes. But I don't think I am capable of fighting off the gov't just yet. One day.

Well folks, we're off to the airport. Flight leaves tomorrow at 6AM.

Just as the void comes into my life, I am sure it will be filled right back up in blink of an eye.

I have my little Horoscope experiment bout 70% completed. So I will share that little bag of fun with you guys this week.


Teeky said...

Hey thanks for sharing part two. That picture of LW reminds me of my grandmother. I love that bow she wears in her hair. I never see her on the show without it.:). God Bless, enjoy some down time, and hit us up with some more photographs soon.


Jill Courtney said...

Great pictures! They really give a good look at the behind the scenes aspect and all the emotions that go into something like this.

I hope the flight tomorrow is good. :) No delays or anything silly like that.

And I'm positive you will find something to fill up all your free time with.

Anyway, hope you're well!

erika said...

this has nothing to do with... well, anything... but i just noticed the "postive comments from positive people" sidebar and that pissed me off. people can be so rude! and if they think your photography sucks or whatever, then i don't understand why they waste their energy telling you, and not constructively. i'm sorry serg :(

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Sergy! And I have to agree with Erika, People can be so mean. Its sad really, People have nothing better to do with their time than go around making negative comments. Well anyway, I hope all is well at your end! :-)

White Russian said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone. And no worries about the negative criticism; I think its funny.

Jessica said...

I envy your ability to capture moments like you do! I always think wow this would be a great time for a picture and i either A. Don't have my camera or B. the moment happens so fast I dont get a chance to capture it! so kudos to you my friend :) I hope you had a great flight back and enjoy your time home and giving all your money to the govt :) hehe

ncchapman said...

I wish I had the key to capturing moments too. =/ Sometimes you'll find me crawling in the yard trying to capture moments of my dogs.. but it never happens when you want it too. I'll like tap, tap, tap the capture button (wtf?) and as quickly as the moment comes, it's gone.. without documentation.

And as for negative feedback.. I live by the words of my father "Don't let those fuckers bring you down." It's a quote I hold near to my heart.

And.. lol I think it was you who said in the new episode "And here's the money shot''.. Hahaha, that was funny.. If i had a dollar for every time I heard that in my life.. I'd have like 6 bucks.

Hope you have a good flight and enjoy your down time. =)

lin said...

Hey Serg...yeah, it is snowing here in good ole PA. It is dreary and cold and icky and I have to go to work at 6 am but your blog gives me hope for the day. The photos you posted are just that---hope. They remind me that my life's woes are trivial compared to some people's. I honestly hope that the family is better now.
Looking forward to hearing about your horoscope experiment. Maybe it will say to "bite the heads off of chocolate rabbits." Yummmmm...
Safe travels. Zip up the jacket. Give Xander big hugs! And to you as well. (and happy you have some much needed time off...I am sure you and Ferris will be off on some other adventure SOON!)
xo. Rock on.

Debs said...

The funny thing about time is that when you think you suddenly have alot of it, as in spare time, you do end up filling it up and sometimes you are busier than you were before! Did that make any sense?? I think I know what you'll be up to--it has to do with film and cameras and special effects and that studio of yours. and gee, maybe even posting more blogs!!??? At any rate, you and Ferris do deserve some time off to recharge. You guys all keep such ungodly hours....say, do you ever feel like a vampire? Anyway, bundle up b/c winter has returned to PA, stay safe, have fun, tease Ferris and give Xander big hugs!

Alyssia Garber said...

Hey, great pictures, you really know how to capture the emotions of people.

Oh, and the conspiracy movie you watched, was that Zeitgeist? Cause I think I remember it being in there.

Have fun and State College. Hope you and everyone in PRS are doing well. :)


irishrose38pa said...

i love the picture of lorriane by herself.. very beautiful shot of a great woman.and yeah the snow sucks here in pa.. where is the sun? the old folks say that pa only has three seasons: summer, winter, and road construction...any ways thanks for sharing your pictures, serg.

Mari said...

sogon!! Part two!
Love them. I really like the third one in, awesome catch.
Cant wait to hear how your little experiment went.

WatchingStars said...

Ha, three seasons: summer, winter, and road construction..sounds like Wisconsin too! :P Great photos Sergey...yeah I read that negative comment you posted as a side note. I knew you'd probably be laughing at it...but my mouth dropped when I read it, I can't believe some people! Anyways, have fun back at home, and stay warm! :)

Lyssaboo said...
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cindy said...

Don't worry about what to fill in for the empty space in life, I'm sure that you could find something to keep your time fill, like hmm
teaching math, taking pictures, or maybe even teaching how to speak Russian..

Did you get the book walking with God America..

hey there you something to fill in the empty time..
you can put a book together, with insightful words and pictures..

Tessa said...

After seeing Erika's post, I went looking for the 'positive comments from positive people'. You're right Sergey, that was funny!
Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

Lyssaboo said...

The picture of Lorraine really pops out at me :)

Susie said...

Hi Sergey! Loved the pics in your 1st batch & the 2nd batch posted on here. You are pretty nifty with the "cyclops". I can only stretch my disposable camera so far, go figure! hah! Besides that, your action shots are way BETTER than National Geographics! Guess I'm a teenie bit partial to your pics? :)
Thanks again for sharing! Have a groovy day! ~Susie~

Debs said...

Serg, hope you and Ry and the rest of the team have a great Easter! And a much needed break from filming!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pesach (Passover)Sergey! I don't know which one you celebrate I'll wish you a Happy Easter too! I'm celebrating Pesach. Oh and before I forget... I think your work is beautiful and you should do more behind the scenes photos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these. Sometimes the photos I take have very personal memories attached to them and it's hard to let other people look at them. Don't know if it's the same for you but thanks... On another note did you ever notice how much your, um, logo (?), signature (?), looks like the symbol on the priest's collar? I'm sorry I don't know what it's called. It's in the third picture with the Shakti/Ganzfeld stuff.

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

I la'love your show! Thanks a bunch for sharing your wonderful photos with us. Chin up regarding the taxes and cold weather! Both will pass soon!

Anonymous said...

Is there someone in the mirror in the picture of Lorraine?
it's like a dark out line of someone.

lin said...

Hoppy Easter to you road trippers!
Much chocolate and many hugs!

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous says about your photography, I think you are doing a great job. I am sorry that there are people that has issues in their lives. It sounds like this person needs to go back to Grammer school and need to learn how to spell. I would love to share pictures I took in Iraq in 2003, of the war. It looks like orbs surrounded me in the medical tent. I was standing next to a terrorist, and had a picture of me taken with him after he was apprended by the military. Anyway keep up the good work. Happy Easter may God bless you all.
Oh by the way that nasty comment that was made to you. Was that the demon that is named six? LOL


Anonymous said...