Monday, April 13, 2009

Horoscope Fail

So I can definitely say that the horoscopes were an absolute fail. The current estimated population of the world is 6,773,000,216. There are twelve zodiac signs, so if we do a rather simple calculation we can say that there are about 564,416,685 pisces in the world. With so many pisces someone had to have the same horoscope those days.

As fun as this way, I think I would like to look more internally rather then externally. That is why I think I would like to start meditating.

But like I said in my report; I have been keeping busy with building up and putting together my photographs for my website. I don't want to just through a bunch of photographs on there. Each one has have some meaning behind it. Its gotta be done just right.

Other then that, just trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. Hope you all have a good Monday.

April 12th

The focus for today will be on romantic matters, thanks to an obstructive aspect. Fortunately this aspect fades tomorrow, but today it’s likely to cause a certain amount of confusion and mixed signals from a member of the opposite sex who has the potential to be a friend, but nothing more!

A person you see a lot but don't know very well has a unique energy that you admire -- and they can help you build that same kind of energy inside of yourself. Try to spend more time with this person. Open up and accept the advice they give you. Their encouragement will buoy you to a new level of excitement and make you see that your life isn't boring -- it's just a work in progress. You can change the direction you're going in and spice up your romantic life with one or two small changes.

What did I do?

Today Ryan and I spent sometime cleaning up the house and the backyard. Saw Fast and Furious. Movie wasn't that bad at all. Nice mind numbing action.

Horoscope Fail!

April 11th

Frustration is unfortunately likely to be the key word for you today. Some challenging influences from a number of planets and emphasized by Uranus mean that any attempts at making practical progress towards your goals will meet a number of small but effective obstacles!

Doubting yourself is absolutely normal -- in fact, it's healthy. When you doubt your actions, you apply a healthy skepticism to your decision making and help perfect it. Luckily, today, any doubts you have will be quickly erased. Today will be full of signs and affirmations that you are on the right path -- despite what other jealous people might be telling you. You are swimming with sharks now, but you are in no danger as long as you keep moving forward.

What did I do today?

Worked on a portfolio for my website. Went on a hike and chatted with my Dad.

Horoscope Fail!

April 10th

You will be hugely popular today, not just with your friends but also with those who are in a position of authority. Your positive energy will impress everyone around you right now and may lead to some kind of formal recognition of your efforts. Definitely a day for celebration!

You might be in a more relaxed and passive mode right now, but that doesn't mean you should let yourself be treated like a doormat by anyone -- for any reason. If you feel like you're being taken advantage of today, stand up for yourself! Do not worry that you will come off as too aggressive if you push back when someone pushes you. If you let someone put one over on you even once, they will immediately assume that they can always push you around.

What did I do?

Went out and splurged a little. Got me a another monitor for the photo studio. Now I have two monitors hooked up to the computer. Also got a Western Digital firewire Harddrive. I cannot believe how much faster it is compared to the old harddrive. Spent sometime organizing my photos and transferring all my data to the new drive. Also chatted with my two friends from NY, Mike and Nicole.

Horoscope Fail!

April 9th

You will find that you are full of energy today and will feel inclined to take part in some kind of intense physical activity. This is partly due to the fact that the moon has now altered its influences on you. Do be careful not to overdo it though as you will easily get carried away at this time!

It looks like things are going to start picking up for you romantically speaking, because a bunch of new people are entering your life. You're in the perfect position to build something bigger out of this momentum! You can finally build a partnership that will last longer than a few dates. You've been spending more time with people who stimulate your mind, and one of these people might be ready to get something going. Pick up the phone and get something social scheduled with them.

What did I do?
I was lazy.

Horoscope Fail!

April 8th

Today’s planets will partly reverse what yesterday’s planets unsettled. The communication lines should improve, but not fully, although you could find that you’re in receipt of some useful information. By the same token romance could be simmering nicely by this evening!

You've stepped back and have been letting life move on around you without getting involved, and that was smart -- it kept you out of the current drama. But today, you might need to consider getting back into an active role. But if you decide to rejoin this rat race, just be sure to take things slowly. Baby steps will lead you down the right path -- and possibly into the right person's arms. Let yourself be taken care of a little while longer -- you deserve the attention.

What did I do?

Today was a rough day. I had to go to the office to take care of some taxes work for PRS LLC. Had a kind of a late start on the day; woke up at like 2PM. Got all frazzled by the late start and the taxes. Definitely needed a break later some time later tonight. Went out for a few drinks at the bar. Chatted with Mom. Not in that order....

Horoscope Fail!


Jasmine said...

Horoscopes lol I agree with you. They fail me time and time again. Just once I would like something completely random for my daily horoscope. I'd like to say something like
Aquarius: You will wake up and see a purple Unicorn outside your window, don't answer the phone today because vaccuem cleaner salesman will be trying to sell you life insurence.

Don't ask it's 12:51am my time and I'm sleepy. :P

Brittany said...

Sergey, You make me laugh.

"Horoscope fail!"

At least ya debunked this one.

Hope you had a good Easter! It's almost time for some UFO huntin!

lin said...

Hey Serg! SO that is why most "astrologers" are so general like most phone psychics. I think that us as people plot the destiny of our lives with the choices we make. Should I have PBand J or egg salad? Wear the jeans or the 'career'clothes? take a left or a right? Say yes to that guy at the bar or no?...You proved without a doubt that horoscopes are a buncha hooey. (isn't hooey a great word?) Thank you for the experiment.
SOunds like your studio is looking amazing!!! Wow, two monitors! Wayyy cool.
btw do you and Ry hire out for the yard work? We have a trailer full of mulch sitting in our yard. Oh the joys of being homeowners...
Positive thoughts and a positive day to you!

Anonymous said...

Haha...I used to write the horoscope column for my HS newspaper. I had people coming up to me saying, "OMG...are you psychic? How did you know?"

"...Um...I made it up? Sorry."

Some people swear by astrology. I, personally, agree with you. There are soo many people who are the same sign as me, there's no way that all of us are expierencing the same exact thing each day.

Enjoy your downtime. Take some pretty pictures. Check your email. Smile!

Debs said...

OK, so areyou saying Nancy Reagan was a kook for her faith in astrology? Well, as if we didn't already know! I was chuckling over the horoscopes you posted tho, b/c it struck me that at various times MY horoscopes have used the same phrases as yours and I'm a Taurus. I'm getting the mental image of these bored page editors sitting there, randomly going thru and picking out phrases to throw together to make each horoscope for the day. Now THAT would be something to keep track of--the phrases used and how they pop up in each of the 12 daily horoscopes over time. Hmmm, maybe this summer I'll work on that!

Well, I'm glad to hear you have some time now to be a normal guy, doing normal things. As Lin said, do you hire out to do yardwork?? We have this trailer load of mulch sitting by the house, and I promise I'd feed you guys up real good! LOL!

Tessa said...

Horoscope myth busted!
Maybe you could work for myth busters . . .

If you want to start meditating, pick up a copy of 'How to Practice, The way to a meaningful life' by the Dalai Lama. It contains some great tips on how to meditate along with some other teachings. I am not Buddhist, but I think just about everyone can learn something from this book.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was really suntan. lol. hah. you crack me up serg. I just watched the return of six episode and MAN was it intense. I really felt for that family. I was like covering my eyes when Ryan was using the shockti helmet and the Ganzfield experement. (yes i know i spelled both of those wrong!!!) I loved how you were so worried about Ryan and you didn't want him to get hurt. that was so cute. haha.

Anonymous said...

That really sucks, but I guess it would be one stage my horror scope said that on Feburary 10th I would kiss my crush...

Sadly my crush is famous and lives on the other side of the world. LOL (ps, it's not you i'm sorry. LOL!)

It's great that you took the time to prove it wrong and I hope your photos are coming out great, going shopping tomorrow to find myself a cool camera.

Hope you had a great Easter.

Jessica said...

Horoscope Fail :) Figured it probably would, I've been looking at mine for the past few days and it comes up on my phone. I swear it like goes through my text messages or something and get clues about my life. Cause it's weirdly close, but i still dont believe them 100%! Glad you are home relaxing. I hope you had a good Easter!

Lyssaboo said...

Well maybe for someone else these weren't complete failures..? If of course, that makes you feel better :P

I giggled at the last one.. "not in that order."

Doolz said...

Good luck with putting your portfolio together.

Maybe you've been going about this astrology study all wrong. Have you ever heard of a conception (epoch) chart, otherwise known as hermetic astrology? Instead of analyzing your personality or predicting your day by your birth, it does it by your conception. Not that it's worth doing another (failed) study. Just fyi.

Megs said...

lol wow those are some amazing horoscopes Sergey! I find it amusing that most of them included your love life, I mean seriously people you aren't going to "find the one" every single day!

Hope you had a great Easter and are enjoyin that downtime!

superrawgirl said...

Interesting experiment. At least you didn't have to name the title of your blog entry Life Failed. If you want to try to meditate more, I found a great meditation CD by Caroline Myss called Chakra Meditation Music (I think). Give it a try! She's got some good books too.

Aquaryan said...


You have a wicked sense of humor! I do enjoy your blogs and reading your wit.

Keep up the good work!

Jenn said...

Horoscopes..ugh. Mine are never even close to accurate. Way to experiment with it though!

Ah meditation.. relaxes the pants off ya! Definitely something that everyone should try at least once to see if it helps you. I light a few candles, and sit in a quiet room, on the floor usually, legs crossed, back straight, eyes closed. I then do the "5 things" exercise. You say to yourself, "list 5 things you can feel" (i feel my legs touching each other, i feel my wrists on my knees, i feel my butt on the carpet etc..) "list 5 things you can hear" (i hear the furnace kicking in, i hear a creak in the floor etc..) and "list 5 things you see" - for this open your eyes - "list 5 things you smell" (i smell the fabric softener on the blanket on the couch, i smell the perfume on my shirt etc..) and when you're complete, your mind will be completely empty. It forces you to focus on the 5 things you're trying to answer and your mind is busy with that. After that exercise, just enjoy the time with yourself, in the quiet with no thoughts. :) You will feel very refreshed afterwards (and a little sleepy too..) Good luck!

faith, hope, love said...

On a rare, occasion I do find that the horoscopes are kind of accurate. Example: last Tuesday I was stressing and attempting to write a 20 page paper in one sitting (SO didn't happen) but it said something about talking/seeing someone who could help on Wednesday. I was already planning to make a special trip to see one of my best friends who was well-versed on the topic of my paper. And she did help a lot.

This is more the exception than the rule. I think they're interesting to read though--kind of like Tarot. Fun as long as you don't take it too seriously.

btw: unless your mom wouldn't find it amusing, I suggest giving her a call after you get done at the bars. I've "drunk dialed" my parents before and they found it pretty funny and used it to make fun of me when I was sober. But my parents are unusually cooler than a lot of parents so maybe that isn't the best idea for your situation...

Have a great week! Enjoy the break from investigations!

Susie said...

Sorry to hear that your horoscope experiment was a total bust.

Well,look on the bright side at least you unraveled the mystery behind the illusive astrology readings. Isn't it funny how a buncha people can be "on the money" of what will happen to you on any given day? If it makes you feel any better, my daily readings usually suck & aren't even close! Nor does it even contain an element of surprise! And I love surprises despite our logical reasoning! Of course that's the Virgo speaking in me, go figure! :p Kind of reminds me of the comics or comedy central! haha :)

Hope you had an awesome Easter! I'm looking forward to watching Room 37 tonight. Have a great week!

Amanda Hansen said...

I fail to understand the concept of astrology. But kudos for doing the whole week of horoscopes. Hope to see some more photos soon!
~Amanda Hansen

ncchapman said...

I meditate in the shower! You should try it. Wash away all your worries. That's why my forehead has no creases.

I wish I could be open to subjection like you. I find a way to try to interpret everything in a way to fit my current situation.

It's nice of you to do PRS's taxes. It's very sexy.

Erica said...


Kris said...

My horoscope is always wrong, too, so, I've just decided to read it and just laugh about how off it is. Anyway, have a good rest of the week. It's horribly rainy here in NC, and it's so dreary. And cold, so...needless to say, it's not off to a very happy sunny start.

Anyway, today's horoscope for me is:
(From Capricorn:
A minor, but taxing aspect from the moon is likely to have you feeling a little cramped and constrained over a matter that you may well regard as rather insignificant by tomorrow. A mellow approach will work wonders. Is it really worth getting so stressed over so little?

From :
You're not racing, but it feels as if you're winning anyway -- maybe you're competing work at a prodigious rate or maybe you're finding your love life taking on a weird kind of life of its own.

Love life taking on it's own weird life. It's packed it's bags and went on a vacation. That's not really a life.

Hehe. You made me laugh at your last comment in your post, though. I'd hate to think of what would happen if those events HAD been in that order.

don said...

Hey Sergey,

I predict you will have an ideal day if you DON'T read your horoscope. Although it's interesting and fun to read, I find it too inaccurate to be believed.

Good thing you called your mom first. As they say, "blood is thicker than vodka."

As for your doing taxes for PRS, I'm surprised that someone thinks it's sexy. I'm finishing up mine today and I feel nothing but revulsion!

Keep in touch.

J.Marie said...

I can't wait to check out your website when everything is put together. You really are a talented photographer. Have a great week!

Mari said...

hahaha so loved the 'horoscope fail' at the end of each.

I just came home from a bad day and this made me feel better.

Have a good week

Olethea said...

April 10th


You will be hugely popular today, not just with your friends but also with those who are in a position of authority. Your positive energy will impress everyone around you right now and may lead to some kind of formal recognition of your efforts. Definitely a day for celebration!"

Hey I just saw this on Yahoo sometime last month for Aries!

Anonymous said...

all your blogs are so fun too read! i had just come home from a long and hard day and read this, it made my day! so funny, sadly i still read horoscopes sometimes, but just to get a laugh out of them! never have they come true, but at least i get a laugh!

enjoy your break! we'd love to see ya down in Arkansas, and no we're not all hicks, trust me, im as far from one as you'll ever find!

ps. looking at your photos inspires me to look at objects completely different!

irishrose38pa said...

yeah drunk dialing your mom can be the funniest and longest running family joke..i speak from experience. not the drunk dialing part mind you.

WatchingStars said...

Sergey, I really like your new website. The layout is super cool! I can't wait to see what it looks like in the end! I am so happy for you. Yeah horoscopes aren't always legit, but interesting to read at times. I still say you should check out I've gotten some really good reports from them.

lin said...

So i'm driving today and on comes a double play by Metallica. Then two from Van Halen. Followed by "Shout" by TFF. Then a Led Zep tune. Um. Felt like I was road trippin' with y'all. And nothing from my horror=scope made sens today either. At least not musically.

Anonymous said...

your horoscope failed because you are not actually a pisces because due to the precession of the equinox we move backwards one degree every 72 years and into a different age every 2100 years, which means there is a shift in the position the earth has to the stars, and because astrology has a geocentric perspective, there is a shift in the sun signs, and therefore you are actually an aquarius - ha!
just learned that in my parapsychology class this week... ;)

~Lola Smartypants

Jill Courtney said...

The blog pretty much made my day. I don't really have much else to say either than what everyone else has said already. :)

Get somre rest, be lazy and enjoy the time you have off. <3

Amy said...

Yeah, I agree horoscope = fail!
I always found it funny how I believe in pretty much everything paranormal but never believed in horoscopes/astrology.
By the way you rock Serg lol

brandi said...

the only horoscope that ill read anymore...mostly because it tends to say some crazy and sometimes mean things. it's meant to be all in good fun though. i would also like to mention that yes..general horoscopes for every person ever born under a certain sign are pretty much something stinky left behind by a bull..but the ones that are actually made just for you using your actual birth date and birth time and birth place are much more accurate.

Lenn (soulessaint) said...

Horoscopes can't be taken seriously at all. Now sense the zodiac signs have supposedly changed, I guess we can blame the economy on that.