Monday, November 17, 2008

Video Blog

Hopefully this works for everyone. Just some news and seeing how this video blog thing works.

Good night...or good morning if you are looking at this tomorrow morning.


Jackie.. * said...

Gahhhhh I miss you.


You are so funny =D
Yay for video blogging!!

Not quite like seeing you in person, but it's close!

Have fun with the camera!
And not like that you perverts ;D

- Jackie

Charlotte said...

Oh I thought that video blog was about to go into a very different direction near the end *LOL*

Look foreward to checking out more of your work.

I will also contact you soon by email to give you an update on the art show that is being put on soonish. Thats if you remember our last email.

:) Have a great week/end

Andi said...

Thank you for making me laugh after a tough day in the studio..and 2 trips to the hair salon because I realized when I left the first time that maybe...just maybe I wasn't as happy with it as I

This may sound weird...but you're looking very "artsy". Now how do you really put someones artsy identity into a particular look and define them?...Well you don't...but you remind me of old friends from college and it makes me miss them. :)

I can't wait to see more photos!!
Lately I've been concentrating so much on painting my camera has been neglected far more than it should.
But my paint brushes have taken a beating if that makes up for it??!! lol.

Enjoy your adventures with the new camera!

Amber said...

Hey Sergey, I look forward to seeing more of your photos. And I love your camera. Wish I had the money to buy one.

I loved the video. Your funny! Well I hope that you have fun with your new camera! See ya later.

Killer Queen said...

so this is what sergey is like on red bull...

dddaaaaannnngggerrrrous. lol.

nice vlog, man.

tiny dancer said...

Hey Serg, It was nice to see and hear you. I look foward to learning more about your life and hearing what you have to say and how you think and what makes you,well you. Well I hope we can talk soon. It would be nice to hear from you I'll have to send you my private e-mail. So I'll TTYL~Leslie

Anonymous said...

Serg!!!!!!!!! Good morning, because it is very early morning when I watched the video blog. very very cool medium and it was ...magical to see you and hear you instead of a flat word screen type format. Although you DID make me want a Red Bull, evil man, lol! Congrats on the camera and looking ahead to more of your amazing photos. Also really exciting to know that you are going to be on the streets of NY with your new toy. We will be waiting to see some of those results! Stay safe and in the light always. Rock on.
(btw, it will say anonymous...but this is!)

Debs said...

Loved the blog, Serg! I'm stoked foryou, with that new camera! I've never used a DSLR, but know someone who has one and they are SWEEEET!!! Can't wait to see some of your pix with it, esp. NYC street scenes. I enjoy taking street scenes when I'm traveling, b/c it helps you remember the flavor of the places you visited. Anyway, just wanted you to know you inspire me with your photography. It's been a hobby of mine for....well...forever! My fave camera is still my old Pentax K1000, b/c I have taken some amazing concert shots with it. I just don't get the same resuklts with a digital when it comes to concerts. So now you have me thinking I need to take my Canon (S5IS, just got it in May) out and about town with me, and I will do that this winter so y'all can see the snow we get up here in Erie! Yes, Erie....bring back memories of Behrend?? I got some really good stuff on the waterfront this summer.

Oh yeah, one more thing....Red night? I take it you weren't planning on sleeping? Great vblog, do some more!

Erica said...

Hehe dork. Funny thing is I was just in a tech store with my dad and he was talking to me about this amazing camera that just came out lol. So your vid makes me laugh.

Is that sugar-free red bull I think I see you drinking? Eww nasty.. Regular red bull is bad enough. :P

hehe you're playing angels and airwaves in the background. Good band.

Haha wip it out eh sergey ;) Bow chicka bow bow... hahahaha!

White Russian said...

Hey All,

Jackie, hope Florida is treating well.

Charlotte, yes, I remember about the art show. Totally send me as much info, and I hopefully it will all work out.

Andi, I think you have need to put the paint brush down.

I am trying to cut my sugar intake, that is why I prefer sugar free redbull as opposed to regular. I always have a bad crash when I drink regular redbull. I do the same with coffee; I can only drink it as is or with a little but of creamer, but no sugar.

Tiny dancer, email would be the best way to contact me. I am better at responding to that then I am to the myspace messages. I don't really go on there as much.

I miss the Erie Peninsula...I loved to go walk on Erie lake during the winter.

Good ear Erica. Angels and Airwaves is one of my favorite bands. I figured the song Lifeline would be a good choice because of the transition I am going through.

Stay Awesome everyone. I am off to work.

irishrose38pa said...

hey great video, even with the mess ups. it shows you're human. and a cute one at that. good to hear about the new camera. im hoping i get a new one for christmas. good luck and have have with yours. i hope to get out this week and take some good picture of our first real snow fall here in western pa!

tiny dancer said...

Hey Serg, watched your video again. I can't wait to see your photos but I have to say I hate it when someone takes my pic. without me knowing it (there is a story behind that). BTW Monster is so much better than red bull and its funny when you're on a road trip and you stop at a gas station and Dad goes in the store and asks if I want anything and I say yeah I want a Monster LoL if you didn't know me well then you'd be like a monster? Well I'll ttyl~Leslie

cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andi said...

I can't put the paint brushes's my addiction. :)

But with the new snow fall it reminded me of how much I love the way snow looks in black and white. How elegant the world turns covered in a blanket of it.

So I was laying in bed thinking about how I want to do a series of paintings/drawings based on my poetry...just to give it to visions to a reader....and I thought what a great idea that would be for photography!!! Somewhere between 1-4 photos that link together and help tell the story in another light. I don't know...think about it. :) There's so much you could do with it.

Off to stomp through the snow to the studio.

Anonymous said...

What you only check your coments 18 times a day?? hehe Just kidding :)

OMG you made me laugh SO hard at the end were the one who said "you dirty minds" haha so guess you got one too :)

Im loving your music in the background...I know its Angels and Airwaves from reading the other comments, I really like them now :)

Im so excited for my b-day/christmas because I might be getting a new camera..Im SOOO PUMPED.

Oh and Im also very excited for TWILIGHT to come out on movie..amzing book should read it some time...amazing

welp I should say good evening to you, but got to go

Have fun with wipping out your camera :)

sorry for all the randomness and jumping around from subject to subject :)

Danielle said...

haha wow sergey, that was really funny. seriously. i was having a pretty bad day until i watched this, so thanks for always putting smiles on our faces. =)

Erin said...

Hey Sergey. Thank you for making me laugh. I haven't laughed in a while. Long story short attention span. But yeah cool video blog. Vlog? What do you call those? Oh well who cares it was good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new toy. I am sure you are going to have fun with it.
Love your site and your video blog. You will need to do more. Hope you and the crew of PS have a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoy NY.


Wentz said...

Wow, I have three things in common with you serg:
1. Rambling and speaking fast.
2. Making innoccent things sound sexual.
3. And sucking on video blogs.

Don't worry Sergey, we all have our faults, at least you have a cool as camera, i'm still working on a digital camera that was one of the first ever models, very heavy and awkward, and it doesn't like taking photos that much. LOL And don't worry, i'm sure you are as safe as a blunt knife around kids.

And yeah, I suck at complements so imma gonna shut up now.

frogie014 said...

I like your new blog background. It feels fresh-fits with you starting to try new things(video blog,camera)What do you think of your new camera? If it does take good low light photos that'll be awesome.Dusk and moonlight photos with out overlit subjects...mmmmm?

Malfanch said...

To the moon!

J.Marie said...

That's awesome about your new camera! I'm excited for you. ;) I miss New York it's been awhile since I've been there... I hope you post a few photos for all of us to enjoy! Take care!

erika said...

serg, you're awesome and you crack me up. and enjoy that camera, by the way! olympus's are where it's at. you'll definitely get a lot of good stuff with it.

take care! i look forward to your future "vlogs" as they say. :)


Erica said...

Funny thing is I can remember what band is playing in the background and notice sugar free red bull. Do you think I could remember the name of the camera you were talking about? haha...

Well for one thing I think you look pretty good. Don't think you need to worry about your sugar intake. You could just try something more natural... like green tea or take some vitamins. For me personally vitamin B12 wakes me right up! Don't know if it works the same for boys? Or vitamin D? I'm pretty sure if winter has hit here.. you guys probably have snow there too. Just giving some extra tips ;)

Red bull of any kind really isn't good for regular consumption.

Annie said...

Red bull and vodka is the best... yummy! Love the video blog. Please do continue. Keep up the amazing pictures, they're so... inspirational and beautiful. I enjoy them very much. Love pictures of Zander too.
Happy Snapping!

Nic said...

So. The fitties of the world have Nikons. The less fit have Canons. Where does that leave the people who have Olympuses (Olympi?) You tell me, Camera Grand Master.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, despite thinking that perhaps it was going to be four minutes of us staring blankly at you WAITING and PRAYING for you to eat a skittle, or flash a smile, or mosey towards a window (shudder), whilst you pretended to coyly "not notice" the web cam that you just clicked on. Glad it was much more than just that. Can't wait for the next installments.

Oh my.. Will there be guest appearances? I'll only come back and watch if you have the famous, dashing and incredibly handsome Ryan Buell stop on by.

Happy snapping with the camera. I'm totally gutted I'm going to miss you coming home. There will always be xmas.

Debs said...

Serg-meister! There's a certain bar on State Street that would like its apron back! LOL!

You didn't seriously try to go out on the ice on the lak einthe winter did you? Maybe the Bay? I spent some time this summer taking pix on the Peninsula and came across some cool kites on "Kite Beach" as everyone calls it. That was fun and challenging to shoot but I did get some good ones. Got some sunset shots when we were out on a boat, but now I want to get some from a beach...with clouds. Our sunsets are second only to Hawaii!

Can't wait to see your efforts with your new camera!

ChelseyTheEgyptianGirl said...

Hey Sergey. I must say, you are a very gorgeous man. Anyways, I really liked your video blog, you're a funny guy.



jenalie_mulder_2177 said...
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jenalie_mulder_2177 said...

Wow, so Sergey, you have opinion and a voice. *Blush* sorry, but on Paranormal State, you seem so shy and you never talk...I am a die-hard fan of Paranormal State and the PRS. It almost makes me wish I was in Penn. with you all. I've always been wondering about the paranormal...and a few months ago, I stumbled upon A&E's Paranormal State, and I have got to admit you and Ryan take the show! I have a couple of questions...I'm not sure if you will answer them, but I'm hoping that you are a nice guy and will.

So, why are you interested in the Paranormal? On the show and in research, I've found nothing about you. Just rumors and the like. What is it like to work with your group?
Is Ryan always that quiet and serious?
What's your favorite case?

Please reply to!!!

I am so excited and I can't wait to see what you have to say!

InaMarie said...

hey out of curisoty would you be mad if i take your idea w/ the photo challange and try it w/ my friends and family?

Rachel said...

With that pedophile facial hair you don't have to worry about any mother's letting their children there.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are a bad friend barnett

tiny dancer said...
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cindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

who said rachel was his friend although i think sergey is awesome I also think that maybe she can say what ever the hell she wants. the inernet is here to let everyone have a say even if what they say is not nice. Also plz tell me you have met sergey in real ife and had a real convo where he talked back. Are you just a groupie who watched the tv show and thought he was hot? Don't fip out i dont want to have a convo war on his comments with someone i dont know i just wanted to have my opinion. oh ya im not hiding behind anonymous i just dont want poeple i dont know to see my name. it's just weird.

tiny dancer said...

No,I'm not a groupie and yes Sergey has talked back to me. I deleted my original message because I went back and looked at it and saw how it could have been offensive to someone so I deleted it so there wouldn't be hurt feelings because of something I did. As for the people who wrote back to me, I wasn't the only one being offensive and/or rude. I don't get why people have to be so hateful. I'm done,I'm over with it. Peace,over and out.

jenalie_mulder_2177 said...

Come on guys, why are we arguing on Sergey's blog? Seriously, let's be mature and go elsewhere with our arguments! I apologize for anything that I have said, which wasn't much, that offended anyone. Let's all give each other clean slates and grow up! Come on people! Freedom of speech applies to everyone, but I'm pretty sure that we all know our manners!

I'm out of this too!


Nina said...

That's really fantastic about the Olympus! I know I've told you before my first digital was an Olympus :) I really liked it. Mine was a crappy point and shoot, I've never used a big boy Olympus so you'll have to tell me all about it!

Though I am strictly using Canon... I still really, really, really love Nikon so I'm all for telling you to experiment with your camera equipment.. find what you love and then go all out!

My little piece of advice is to keep the manual in your camera bag (especially if your using this for PRS) because you may find some strange error icons popping up from time to time on your cam and if your manual is handy you can usually figure out whats wrong with it.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for showing them to me/all of us who hasn't heard of them


Anonymous said...

lol im commenting so you can have more comments... yup goood blog its interesting to hear you talk about camera's! I'd love to start photography but lol family issues im stuck at i can never find anything good to take a picture of. i tried taking pictures of simple things like a vase or my foot or a lamp but it turn out the same not all inspirational and amazing like yours.
im having a career dilemna im an artist but im really interested in photography? ah what to do!?!?