Monday, November 03, 2008

Almost Done

Well everyone,

Thank you so much for helping me decide on my new logo. I actually liked the third one over the other ones as well. It doesn't mean I won't use the other ones. I have a couple of ideas in mind. Especially when it comes to doing something positive. 

Anyway, I am almost done and ready for a mini break. For the past week I have been on the road with Ryan helping him out with this speaking tour. Then we jumped straight into filming a case. Today is the last day and I am ready for some R&R. 

I am also excited that tomorrow is election day. It will be my first time voting and  I am planning on bring my trusty camera with me to document the process. 

When it comes to the 51-Word challange, it is about time I get back on it. Stay tuned, for I will try to get some out by this week.

I shall write you all tomorrow.


Charlotte said...

Glad to hear that you are voting! By the sounds of it alot of Americans wont be which is a shame cause this is probably one of the most important elections in American History.

The rest of the world is watching this election!

Anonymous said...

yep, good for you that you are voting!!! Not sure they will let you take your camera into the polls, but ask them. Should be a momentous day tomorrow!!! Now get some rest and relax with Xander and some Mike's. Get ready for the BIG GAME!!!! Go PSU!!!! btw, this will say anaonymous, but it is lin....

Amber said...

It's good to hear that you are going to vote. This was my first time voting this year too.

Would be nice if you could take some pictures when you go vote. But it wouldn't hurt to ask them first.

Well, I hope you get all the rest that you need. Have a great day!

cindy said...
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tiny dancer said...

hey, it's good to see you're back online. Its been a while, I wrote you back on myspace so when you get a chance,you'll find my letter. Well I hope you have a good rest. TTYL~Leslie