Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1000 Words or Less - 4

So yesterday, I stumbled upon an unusual photograph....

The site that I found it on contained little information on the origins of the photo, nor did it give me the name of the individual. So, for poop and giggles, I put out a twitter/facebook shout and in no time was given the name and the background story... synchronicity is at it again since I recently announce my upcoming webinar will be on aliens and ufos.

Andy Sinatra the Mystic Barber

Andy Sinatra, an ordinary Brooklyn barber, or an unknown hero of mankind? Little is heard of Andy and how he helped stop an alien destruction of the United Nations.

Though Italian, he is no way related to Frank Sinatra, but coincidentally enough, Andy did in fact "fly to moon" via astral projection. He did not stop there and in fact traveled to Mars and the center of Earth. It should come to no surprise that he established contact with beings not of this planet, an intergalactic ambassador if you will. He soon began to develop psychic machines that would not only allow him to listen alien transmissions from Mars, but also keep the aliens from reading his thoughts. The device seemed nothing more then a transistor radio wrapped in electrical tape. As you can see from the photograph above, the device evolved to something more then just a little box.

It was in 1962 that Andy received a disturbing message that there was plan that pushed for the destruction of the United Nations. The alien's one request, was that all the people around the world would join as one within 90 days. The request seemed improbable, so it was up to Andy to save the world. He traveled to the UN, along with his invisible Martian army, where he began to perform a ritual  in front the many onlookers. Did it work? Well folks, the UN is still standing.

Who knows how many disasters have been averted. Andy Sinatra, the man who was there when the Men in Black couldn't be.


Justin Holstein said...

We should have taken that dude on tour with us Serge. Between he and George it would have been epic!

Noelle said...

Thanks for the additional information Serge. The article I found online was very vague. I liked the challenge of researching the photo and I am glad I identified the right guy. Very fun let's do this again.

Sonia said...

Hey Serge/Justin...I think he might be a good friend to have in any situation! Just think of the possibilities! :-)

Madmustang said...

Hear the mystic barber speak on the Long John Nebel show 1958

P.S.It may take 10 or 20 secs to load