Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lessons from 2011

It's that time folks. The time where we look back at the passing year and think....

With amazing adventures,
Came some harsh lessons.

I love the symbolism of the new year. The man made cycle completes and restarts once again. It's hard to believe that it was just a year ago when we decided to leave Paranormal State. What a difficult transition that was. The decision itself felt rather easy but the entire process of change felt slow and painful. Like ripping of a band-aid...ughhh, I hate when it latches on to some hair....anyway...

But that is what builds character after all. The harsh lessons engraved in my skin make me strong...

Its strange how it seems that 2011 was a really tough year for many people. Its hard to say if it will get better or not....we won't truly know. I do know one thing....that you can make yourself better. After all, the humankind has shown just what amazing feats it is capable of. That ability lies inside all of us and is ready to be unlocked by our potential and will power. I'll stop with the cliche statements for now

We have to remember that the world does not revolve around one person. We all go through the same and different stresses that life throws at us. I guess what matters is how we deal with it. The universe will throw a curve in our path and then add some. That is life. Life is about not giving up. Learn from your mistakes and know that problems are meant to be solved.

I think one of the harshest lessons for me this year revolved around picking sides. For the most part I like to follow the philosophy of staying out it; "playing Switzerland," as some people like to call it. But it seems that sometimes life will make you choose a side. Sometimes you'll make the wrong choice. I guess the ultimate realization is that there isn't right or wrong. There, just, is....

Moving forward, head up high (I think people need to look at the stars more often), family and friends, acquaintances and strangers, best of luck in the new year.

Ganzfeld - a rediscovery in a door that led us to a new world. I will continue experimenting with this technique but like with anything I need to be prepared to explore the unknown.

Digital Memories - attempting to put together my first photography book; the idea has strangely evolved at the turn of the new year; i won't have to start from scratch; i will have to start in order to finish

Tree of Light - not many people know this, but I'm afraid to be alone in the dark sometimes. It takes a lot from me to embrace it. When I do, I find such amazing sights and wonders.

The Fire Inside -   Inside us there is a fire that is ready to burst.  We sometimes fear to show. Sometimes its important to go on a journey of self-discovery to reignite that fire inside.  

One thing that I am looking forward to is resurrecting the Photo Critic. He will rise from the shadows to deliver the upmost demeaning, insightful, witty, rude comments....no, he'll probably just be nice. 

Cloud Hopping - a different way to travel.

Enter Twenty-Twelve,
A brave new world surrounds us.
We are dream-weavers.

the not so New Year's Resolutions

1. Concoct more potions
2. Don't hold the door for escaping criminals
3. Day dream about photographic adventures
4. Stay Jung
5. Give more high-fives
6. Inspire/d
7. Sleep Better
8. Continue to develop my photography style (pun intended)
9. Increase pun usage by 13%
10. And one more 


- Tim said...

Excellent list! What will you do with number 10?

Anya said...

Number 10 should be continue being awesome and spreading positivity :)

Vernicq said...

I fully agree with you increasing pun usage. Normally I would enter with a pun there but today I am all out. Amazing post!

Juli said...

cheers Serg here's to the start of 2012!

Evy Sioux said...

Hope you practice what you preach there, bub.

White Russian said...


Aquaryan said...

I cannot wait for the Photo Critic to return :-)

I did not realized you have updated here. My life has been so hectic.