Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Warning: Video has cursing...yada yada yada.

George Carlin skit.

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Secretsentry said...

That video should be our wake-up call people. I mean, every day we're getting F*** in every way like, education, jobs, etc. Well, as you can see about half of the jobs in the United States went over to the far east and I know those jobs aren't coming back. I think is because people got lazy or they just don't want to work, nor work harder enough. Maybe the companies just want to SAVE money. So the BIG companies thought "hey I can save millions and get the products made that I want over to the far east and pay these people 5 cents a day or get these products made in the United State and have to pay the workers $15.39/hr and with a healt package plan. Think about it.

Today in education point of view we got kids that can't read, write, or do basic math. Its really sad. I believe that the only person is going to save you, is yourself. Now, hold on, I am all in when it comes to helping people down on there luck in any form.