Sunday, March 06, 2011


Hey my blog readers,

A break from my vlog as I am exhausted, that and the power is going out so it would be impossible to upload any sort of video. Crazy snowy weather in State College all of sudden. What in the world did the groundhog predict? Is anyone checking his stats? I think I'm on to something...this might go all the way to the top...

I recently went on a overnight expedition where I got in a car and drove aimlessly around PA. Despite the unfriendly weather I lucked out really well and was able to take advantage of the situation. I let the universe guide me and my thoughts. As usual I brought my camera for the ride.


Aquaryan said...


You took some more great pictures. How did you do pictures 6,7 and especially 8?

Photo 19 reminds me of Sleepy Hollow.

The weather is improving, in Vancouver, but how do you take outdoor shots if the weather is raining?

I hope that Photo Critic returns, so I post more pictures.

Have a great week, Serg!


ShellSc said...


Awesome pictures. Good job again. I agree with Kyle on 19. I thought a ghost should have been in the picture. I also hope the photo critic returns.


Annie said...

I liked #18 the best of all.

You will get some great photos in New Orleans. I hope you have time to go through some of the cemeteries. There are some wonderful tombs in the Metairie cemetery. Walking through there is like walking through an art gallery.

White Russian said...

Cheers for the comments you guys.

Kyle, for photos 6-8

-a camera with manual options
-a dark room
-an object that creates light

Set your camera on something sturdy, tripod works well, but I used the dresser in the room. I then walked around the room with this gyroscope ball that creates a red light.

I kept the ISO at 100 to have as little noise as possible, the aperture at 2.8, and the shutter speed between 2 minutes and 3 minutes.

As far as taking photographs in the rain....I guess that's change that I take with my cameras. Some newer cameras are pretty water proof to a certain point. I was able to cover the camera with my shirt when I was walking; I also made sure that the camera was only turned on when I needed to take a photo. I made it a point to change my memory card and batteries when it stopped raining or under cover of trees.

Near the end the rain got so heavy the I put my dSLR in my schoolbag and just kept my pocket camera in my pocket.

I definitely look forward to photographs I can get in New Orleans.

Photo critic will be back soon guys. Appreciate the support :)

Evy Sioux said...

I like these photos a lot. I really lack vocabulary and cognitive thoughts on wednesdays, so I'll leave you with that.

Magma said...

I loved this one instantly, although it took a little while for me to understand exactly why. The layers of shadow, light, reflection, and texture are just lovely. The framing and lines of the shot keep the eye moving, but invite the viewer to explore the individual parts of the picture.

I think it's the raindrops that absolutely make this photograph for me. The reflection makes me feel like I'm being drawn into the world behind the water. I don't know exactly what's mud and what's the real world. Suddenly seeing the little "plip" of the raindrops, though... it's like being tapped on the shoulder. It's a reminder of the vast presence of the sky standing just behind you.

Brilliant. :)

What are the chances that this one might be made available as a print? Inquiring minds want to know.