Monday, February 21, 2011

Vlog 2-20-2011


Secretsentry said...

Well change is good, but not everyone whats it. Just think back on the wars we had its all in front of us.

I love to walk around downtown or at the riverwalk even at night time, "spooky". No didn't see any dead bodies,,, yet. But I did see a man once slapping his shirt on the sidewalk and yelling at it.( I walk on the other side of the street).

On my Saturday & Sunday I will be helping my parents out around their house or sleeping in, or just thinking about stuff while I am listen to music. "Pick one I have almost every type of music."

Once I was comfortable in a job and I like it, but I wanted more now I am in college and looking back on it now it gave me something I need to do what I needed to have a future.

Money + Power + = ?
Hate = ?, Evil = ? Greed = ?

Does these things can change a person forever?

Tybyria said...

I agree, change is good and sometimes for the better.

I love to go for walks on an old trail in the woods that I've never been down before, hiking in the mountains,or even going for a swim in the creek or the river. It's a wonderful and beautiful way to de-stress.

my weekends normally go like this:
Saturdays = work. Sundays = go out to the lake and soak up some sun.

There are days when I love my job and then are days when I hate it.

The sun has gone down, the day is done. A whole new day awaits us when we wake. For every new day is an adventure yet explored.

meeknotweak said...

I know *exactly* what you mean about thinking you'll save the world every weekend! I do that almost every weekend myself. Example, I'm commenting on your vlog instead of explanding on an idea I had before bed last night. idea. It's just the way it works.

Glad that you're well and keeping busy. Hope that you don't end up finding dead bodies or living in a cardboard box. Moving would be a lot easier though if you did...

Now I shall attempt to be productive. Luck to us both! Looking forward to the book Serg! Have a great week. :)

Annie said...

Please never give up your photograph. That is a change that should never happen. Don't let "them" convince you that you have to have a "grown up" job to survive in the world.

Your photos speak. They have soul. That photo you took of Ryan in front of the pentagram window...lives and breaths. I'm not sure why but that is one of the most powerful photos I've seen in long time. No it's not a photo from some war torn land or a people rising up for their rights, but it still stands out there as something people should see.

Yes, change is something you can't stop. But don't ever stop with your photography.

I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with the book. I've thought for awhile you and Ryan should do a book together on what happened in the West Virginia State Pen. Ryan could finally tell the whole story of what happened to him and you could tell your story through your photos. The ones from there are some of your best.

Keep going!

White Russian said...

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the comments you guys. I'm actually postponing the tunnel adventure due to the freak snow storm we got....getting? Yep, still snowing. Goodbye warm weather.

May we all have a great week and see where it takes us.


superrawgirl said...

White Russian needs to stop stressing. Here is what you need to do on the weekends. HAVE FUN.

ShellSc said...


Good to see your volg back. Change is good and sometimes scary. But I am sure you will be okay with all the changes.
I can't wait to see the book when it comes out. the site is awesome and I really like the changes with the picture site. are you going to start back with the photo critic again? and what type of DSLR would you suggest to a beginner to using a DSLR camera? looking into buying one soon and never used a DSLR camera before.

Have a good week and weekend

Shell :]

Tara said...

Sometimes it can feel hopeless, like us regular people are powerless to change anything. If someone tells you our country is just fine, give them some links to what's going on in Wisconsin. A prime example of corruption in action. Power to the Wisconsin people, their doing an amazing job so far. Just shows that alone we can't do much, but together we can make our voices heard.

You keep on keeping on. Even the smallest act can change the course of the future. Like taking a picture for example.

Peace :)

White Russian said...

Hey Shell,

Photocritic will return and I will actually write something or vlog something about DSLRs and you as I have been getting that question from a lot of people.


Lenn (Soulessaint) said...

People don't seem to understand the world is cruel, but we make the world what it is. The tongue and mouth holds life and death. I really enjoyed this video. Let's save the world :) Be blessed