Friday, September 11, 2009

In lue of the the blood donation...

I stopped by the campus today to donate some of my krov'ya (Russian for blood). Do I want to be called a "hero" for saving three lives today? No. Should I be called a "hero" for saving three lives today...well the dictionary defines a hero as:

he⋅ro [heer-oh]

–noun, plural -roes; for 5 also -ros.

1. a man of distinguised courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities
2. the bread or roll used in making a hero sandwich
3. some one who donates blood to save three lives

So I will let you guys decide. Sorry for the cockiness, I've been watching, The Office, and I think Michael Scott's personality is hysterical.
"I saved a life... my own. Am I a hero? I can’t really say, but... yes." M. Scott

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Some interesting facts about blood donations.


WatchingStars said...

Well Serg, anyone who saves a life, no matter how small the act, is a hero in my mind. I really want to get the courage to donate blood. Like I said, if I can handle a tattoo drawn in the middle of my back, why can't I handle that? I am feeling a bit small right now, thinking I should do something today to help someone, considering the meaning of today. Hm, I am definitely going to put some thought into something this weekend.. thanks for the inspiration!

Jessica said...

Without people giving blood doctors couldn't save lives! So I consider you a hero for taking time out of your day to give the gift of life :)

Scary thing is I'm taking a class on learning how to draw blood this semester! Kudos for letting someone stick you with a needle lol :)

illfixyourhair05 said...

I think you make a wonderful tooth fairy! LOL!!

ncchapman said...

Good job! Surely, no one but a small group of people has ever changed the world for the better. Happiness and peace and such great things grow from within one's self. If you can't see something within yourself, how can you see it in the world? So you should see yourself as a hero and save us all.
I can't give blood because I keep getting piercings and tattoos. Every time I go in to donate I always have to take the 'walk of shame' when they have to take you into a little room and privately deny you. I'm like.. I wonder if all the other people waiting think that I've had sex for drugs or had a blood transfusion in Haiti.

Tiberia Kailani Serano said...

Serg you are a hero because you did something positive (you are always telling us to do something positive) and something that not all of us can do. I would love to give blood but because I lived in Germany most of my life I was told I can never give blood in the states. I was once told no objects of value are worth risking the priceless experience
of waking up one more day. you , my friend, have given at least 3 people in need one more day to live their lives to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

Serg, I think you’re a hero too. Your blood can save three lives. You did something Positive! :D

Eli (I'm a girl.)

Anonymous said...

Serg, I think you’re a hero too. Your blood can save three lives. You did something Positive! :D

Eli (I'm a girl.)

Lyssaboo said...

A few weeks ago my brother and I went to donate blood. The doctors gave us these kickass stickers that said "I starved a mosquito" or something like that :P

Alyssia Garber said...

Yes, you are a hero. A lot of people do not give blood, and those that do give it save 3 lives.. not just one. Those people are heroes. :)

Lots of luv,

frogie014 said...

I have been getting tattoos and haven't been able to donate my blood.Being that I work in a hospital I do know the instant self pride you get when you do something that saves a life or makes it better.Sweetness! have a cookie or 18 and celebrate

Dani said...

it's "lieu" =)

i can't give blood, i have a recurring infection in my system. i always wanted to so it really sucks.

White Russian said...

Thank you for the comments everyone.

In a few hours we will be leaving for our next investigation. Hope everyone has a good week.


Sakkeer said...

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BekahK said...

I wouldn't say you are a hero, but I would say that you did a very admirable thing. Not many people understand how important blood banks are until they actually need the blood for themselves or a family member. I have donated blood a few times myself and know that one day someone who needs it will get it and I find that to be a positive thing.