Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hey Everyone,

Been a tad busy. We had our first open house this past weekend. For the first time we opened up our office doors for guests to come, get a tour and participate in some workshops. Then, even crazier is that we will begin filming the new season this weekend. Goodbye free time. I don't know...maybe having done this several years I can figure out to better manage my it.

I am trying to really commit to giving it all when it comes to photography this season. Especially before we start filming. Its awesome; feels like I am headed towards an amazing adventure. I have several different routes that I can take, but thats the beauty in life: when you have that opportunity. I have sorta started the music photography project. Been listening to the songs nonstop to get used to them.

To join Twitter or to let it go: I am leaning towards no; but I hope that I can find something that can let me utilize my blackberry and blogger. There is stuff out there; I just gotta sit down and put some time into figuring it out.

Anyways...enjoy the photos.

Stay Tuned,

Anyone remember that movie? Stay Tuned. I actually kinda liked it.

currently reading: New Soviet Psychic Discoveries.


Miss cloveR said...

Glad to hear from you... How did the open house go?

I forgot what free time is...I'm horrible with time management and I've been so stressed out! I'd cry, but I don't have time. I'd have to schedule it. >.<

Sounds like you have lots of fun stuff on the horizon. It really is awesome when you have the opportunity to take a variety of routes...with nothing holding you down. It's very exciting and liberating. :) I'm looking forward to the song pics.

I was ambivalent about the whole twittly-twat thing, too... but I gave in. Yes, I've submitted and become part of the machine. I should feel VERY dirty about this.

Aquaryan said...

Amazing photos, Serg! I have been doing a lot of photography. I am still learning on how to use my camera.

I would have loved to have gone to the OPEN HOUSE! Only if I was closer!

Cannot wait to watch the new season.

Take care!

hockeygirl said...

welcome back Serge!

i too, was really against the Twitter craze, but.. my friend signed me up and now, im addicted... its very addicting, so take that into consideration when deciding! lol

free time? whats that, im sure you have way more goin than i do, but it still seems like there's just not enough hours in the day...hows that time machine search coming, i need in on it when ya find it! :)

i liked that movie Stay Tuned too, i thought id hate it, but i liked it more and more everytime i watched!

good luck with all your pictures! .. and try to get some rest!

super_nanny_kel said...

Yay you're back :-) Hard to view your pics on my phone, but I think I like the last one the most. Did you have a chance to view my pics on JPG? I so love that you can vote on you a boost of confidence I think! Mercedes said she did the Ganzfeld experiment, (did I spell that right? lol) That is so cool she got to do it. You are bringing it to TN right? I thought I heard that somewhere. Well good luck at the case this weekend. You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to help people with their battles!

super_nanny_kel said...

Actually I take that back...the 2nd one is my favorite :-)

cindy said...

nice photos..
have you given them names yet..
the man cover sky photo was neat,
but it has me wondering what is your meaning behind the picture..

cindy said...

oh i really want to go see the time travelers wife, seem like its going be a good movie..
maybe i should read the book first..

JokerQuinn said...

Ahh, yes...stay far away from the twitter. Soon it is going to end up being some sort of cult and people will be twittering about when they are going to drink the kool-aid, lol.

I am curious about the book you are currently reading, are you interested in the Soviet Union or mainly the paranormal side of the book?

Anonymous said...

You're back! :)

I'm glad to hear that the new season's going to get started soon, but I feel so selfish since you guys really work hard with the show. There have been a whole lot of questions on Yahoo! Answers asking about the new season, too. Just try to get some rest when you can.

I love the new photos, especially the first one. Good luck with your future shots.

I'm also curious about this book. There's a severe shortage of books that seriously deal with the paranormal. Where can I find a copy? :3

Miss cloveR said...

There are used ones on Amazon for 19 cents. lol

I have literary A.D.D. and seem to have an addiction to buying books on Amazon and reading like 5 or 6 at a time. I know, I’m a sick, twisted f*#%. But I get by.

Miss cloveR said...

or 13 cents, rather. :-o

Anonymous said...

@Miss cloveR

And the new ones are $124. Hm, used book for $.13 or new one for $124. Wonder which one people choose to buy?

Thanks for the link! :) I would totally get one, but I don't have my own credit card, and my parents hate ordering online, and if they even saw that it's on parapsychology... The 'rents aren't too supportive of my paranormal interest. (I have to watch Paranormal State secretly on YouTube!)

I hate living at home. :/ Can't wait for college...

Miss cloveR said...


Remember that for now, even if you don't have the support or access to the information you might want to get your hands on now, one of the most enlightening and practical applications is to simply... VENTURE INWARD. Many answers already exist within you, without having to read it in a book or learn about it. Meditation is a great way to attune yourself. :)

Maybe try checking out some local bookstores... see if you can find any on Google a mystical or metaphysical shop. I found a place near me that has a wealth of info on parapsychology etc. Lots of material on Edgar Cayce, too. And Nag Champa. lol

Anywhoo, don't mean to rattle on as if this is a forum... If you want, check out my blog here. I have list of a few book recommendations. Or go ahead and look me up on myspace if you want... maybe we can chat a bit about books and metaphysics and personal experiences w/ the paranormal and psychic abilities. I'm always into talking about that stuff and discussing philosophies with open-minded people.

Hannah said...

Hey Serg, once again you help me push forward in photography when I feel like I'm stuck in an Nexus. Well, anyway. I wanted to go to teh Open House but, my mom said she had to wait for her boss(who's the biggest bitch I've ever met in NY)to tell her she had the next day off. I told her she did. (I'm psychic. la, DUH.) And, she didn't believe me, she went to church teh next day and expected me to "be nice". Sure. What she said. In my defense, I should've just 'up-and-went-' on my own. The 'rents hold my back too damn much. Can't wait for college.

Beth said...

Twitter is lame - don't waste your precious time.

prttblues said...

Those are really great photos, Sergey. And I remember that movie "Stay Tuned". It was actually on not too long ago! Try and keep yourself balanced and keep your energy up.

jetson said...

Love your photography. I wish I had more time for my work as well. Just keep your gear with you where ever you are and yell stop if you need to get out and shoot!