Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A break for discussion

Hey everyone,

I am glad to see how active everyone is with the comments...

I interrupt this photography blog for a slight break into something else.

Below are two links that I came across that peeked my interest. You know... the kind of interest where your doing something, but then you hear something or read something and one of your eyebrows' raises. I can't recall which eyebrow raised; I think it may have been the left one. Although I am trying to raise my left eyebrow now, but instead both seem to go up. It doesn't matter; I don't think you guys came on my blog to read my discussion about eyebrows....we may want to save that discussion for a time when I am desperate for subjects to write about.

I wanted to share two articles I came across that I thought you might find interesting.

What do guys think? When was your last good deed? 

When was the last time you were creative or did something artistic? Do you try to do something creative everyday?

I am also including some more of the street photos I took...for those that were not satisfied with the articles. Sort of a prelude to a street photography article I would like to write for you all. Such important topics of discussion include...

-Street Photography: How not to look like tourist!
-Robbers and You: How to avoid losing your camera.
-I fought the law and the law took my photos. Know your rights on where you can take photographs.
-B&W: Just because you took the color out of the photo does not mean its anymore artistic; and don't get me started on the sephia effect.

But seriously, enjoy guys, thanks for stopping by. I am off to bed. Tomorrow is a travel day for the group and me to our next investigation.

Remember to do something positive,


Anonymous said...

As always, LOVE looking at your photos! They are amazing and my friends and I always talk about them and how cool you bring the life on the streets alive with a single moment in tmie. I miss New York...well, Toronto too but THAT is a topic of discussion for MY next blog. lol! As far as doing something positive, in my work every day, I see the results. Social services may not pay the best (and we are at the mercy of the PA legislature) but just knowing that the people I teach and work with every day would rather be with me than even their immediate family is validation that the human spirit lives on. Not saying it is always easy...
Love your blogs and the very cool way you care. Rock on, Serg. And keep those eyebrows groomed..
As always, it's lin but anonymous will show up on my post...
Stay safe in your travels!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing, even tho that does sound trite, I just don't know any other word for it. You have an eye for it and I envy that! What I want to comment on is the article and video about video games. the expressions on those faces was almost frightening, especially the dead stare of the one girl. I work in a high school, I have 30 computers in my room. Yes, I do see alot of interaction with that thing William Gibson ended up calling cyberspace. What is it we're all drawn to? I don't game, I do forums and stuff like myspace. Even just with those things, it's eerie how it can creep into your real life--someone was nasty to you, you react as if it happened IRL! Today's kids have never NOT known computers...yet they don't know how to USE them, only how to be entertained by them. I could go on and on b/c this is a topic I have alot of opinions on, but what I will leave you with is that the computer is this generation's boob tube!!!

Debs said...

Hey, I must have poked a wrong buton by mistake! LOL! That second anonymous is from me, Debs!

frogie014 said...

I think more articles like the first one should be on the front pages of newspapers.There is too much negative shoved down our throats and I think that is where some people give up. I work as a Nursing Assistant and my goal is too make sure I get a smile out of 3/4 the people I interact with. Usually make my goal. It is amazing what a simple word like "hello" can do.

Anonymous said...

Black and white effects can actually emphasize the value in certain pictures, but I do agree they can't make just any photo artistic.

And that train article is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I love viewing your photography! It's amazing how taking a photo just brings the city life for a brief halt.

Being positive and doing good deeds... I personally enjoy volunteering at my younger brothers elementary school. I feel as if I can mentor them a bit, before they go on there way to all the drama. I am looking to go to Mongolia and help out the people over there... But, that is somewhere in the near future. I really should be doing more... (Thanks for making me stop and think!)

I liked the idea Beijing had with the trains! It's nice to see them used for good!

Now before I go, I would like to ask for tips. I am getting an older Canon SLR camera... And I am looking forward to shooting some photos on the streets. Any tips?


Much love,

Wentz said...

I love the photos, and I love the articles, it's amazing what you can make out of old trains!

Nina said...

"-Street Photography: How not to look like tourist!" ---- is there really any way NOT to look like a tourist when doing this?

This is a really good time of the year for portraits and outdoor photography (with all the snow), I hope you're getting a chance to get out there and take advantage it.

Have you downloaded the street photographers handbook? That little nifty thing folds up and you can stash it right in your camera bag. I'll link ya if you want/need.

I'd also bump up the contrast in a couple of these images and add some more color saturation just to give it that extra pop of fabulousness.

White Russian said...

Hey Everyone,

Lin, thank you for the compliments. If there was one thing I got from Harry Potter....yes, I read Harry Potter. I feel like we are sometimes tested by life. Where we have to choose between what is right and what is easy. Keep up the good social service work.

Debs,I agree with you on the stare of the girl. I, too, like to play video games. Currently I playing Fallout 3 and I won't lie, I love the game. The story and gameplay really appeal to me. I guess video games, like TV, help you tune out the rest of the world. Help you tune out the stress. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but the problem lies when we are not able to take it in with moderation.

And yes, I think computers are this generations boob tube. It will only get worse, since you are now able to stream tv shows and movies. But then I step back and look inward. What am I using the computer for? It allows me to access a plethora of knowledge. I remember when I had to buy an encyclopedia, now there is a free one on the internet. News, research, art, new ideas are at our fingertips; what you do with them is all on you.

Frogie, yes, I think pieces of news like that should be on the front of papers as well. But if you think about, thats what we are here for. Spread the news, spread the ideas. After I read that article, it was a nice conversation piece to have with my friends. Sure it may have lasted a few minutes; and who knows maybe they didn't care, but I am spreading the news and I am spreading the ideas. And in this case, I really don't mind helping the newspapers out a bit. You are also right about the "hello"; saying hi to people with a smile can really do a lot, that and saying "thank you" can go a long way.

Misswright, don't be afraid to take photos of people. That was something I am still learning to conquer. I love capturing people on the street, but I am also not sure how they will take it if they notice me doing it. Will they think I am crazy?

Hey Nina, good to see you on again. Yes, I remember reading the street photographers handbook years ago. I thought about it too, especially after the terrorist attack on NYC. I know for a fact that you cannot photograph bridges, nor can you photograph from bridges. The police will stop you if they see you. Luckily we live in a day and age where we can get back deleted photos. I will share that story with you guys soon. I am sort of doing an on going street photography series.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Hope you all have a good day.


jennifer magill said...

Hey serg. Positive? I do something positive every day - I show up for work! Teaching kids with autism is a challenging thing but I truly love my job. It gives me a purpose and brings meaning to my daily life. Plus I work at a program for children in DCYF care. I teach the parents how to take care of their kids.
Nice job on the pics. They are always so interesting to look at. I'm really looking forward to your informational blogs! I can't put my blackberry down. Must get back to work...


Erica said...

That's kinda cool. Turning a train into a homeless shelter. I've done a few good deeds.. mmm I found a woman passed out on the street by my place. So I attempted to revive her and helped her walk to her condo building then let security take her to her place. Then this weekend I'm helping out with the aids foundation and I'm doing hair for a couple of photo shoots with them. I'm sure some good karma will come my way.

I didn't read your other article. But made me think about what possible facial expressions I'm maing when I play video games. lol.

Your photos are beautiful as usual. You were definetly born with a natural talent.

I always push the positive thoughts on people everyday. And you ask do I do anything unique?? I sure do. I have the opportunity to change and create new styles for people everyday :D..

Hope the investigation goes well.. and your right.. just because you make a photo black and white.. it doesn't make it more artistic lol.

Annie said...

Great Photos Serg! You have such a talent. I'm intrigued how you manage to capture the simplest of moments and turn them into such masterpieces of still time.

Articles you posted are very interesting.

Video games are tons of fun....I especially like Guitar Hero. As a parent, I believe that we are responsible in limiting the amount of "Boob Tube" our children see. Everything bad for us, in a way, is also good.
Here's a question that get's me all the time. Are children's violent behaviors linked to video games? As a psychologist in training, studies show that yes they are linked. Just as children raised in a dysfunctional home or with abusive parents are more than likely to follow in that path. the parent side of me says, No way! Your children are what you sow. Every now and then, you do get a "bad seed".
Anyone wish to comment, feel free to do so.

Happy to see recycled trains are being put to a wonderful cause. Wish they would do that here in Arizona. So MANY needy people here... breaks my heart.

Answer to your questions... My last good deed was for Thanksgiving. Every year I adopt a family and some college students who are unable to get home for the holidays for what ever reason. Usually it's financial and most have no family.

My heart fills with such love and respect for patients who are ill in nursing homes and hospitals. I
visit those with no one to love and care for them. Usually the elderly. Some are children... believe it or not. Weekly visits usually brings a smile to their faces.
Creativity.. is my middle name. Love to cook, sew, craft, jewlery, you name it, I love it. Alright enough with the novel. Love reading everyone's comments. Ya'll take care and safe travels to all during this chaotic holiday season. Happy Snapping!

irishrose38pa said...

i don't know why but i love the photo of the bike. as for those articles, great to see old trains being used for good than just sitting around rotting. the video game article made me think, that's for sure.

cindy said...
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Ben said...

I definitely like the photo of the bike. The lighting and composition is great.

Misswright said...
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Amy said...

For all the self claimed "photographers" out there who think that they are one simply by making their photos black and white and even worse, SEPIA should take a look at Sergey Poberezhny's pics for a photography punch in the face!

That being said, I totally agree with everything you said Serg.
But it all made me wonder, do you think the same technology "overload" thing that happens with the Internet, video games, etc. can also happen with photography, Sergey?
Maybe you should try taking a small break from shooting pics, relax, clear your mind, and then when you start taking pics again maybe you will have some more ideas...just a suggestion!

♥ Amy

Charlotte said...

"For all the self claimed "photographers" out there who think that they are one simply by making their photos black and white and even worse, SEPIA should take a look at Sergey Poberezhny's pics for a photography punch in the face!"

Im sorry but what? So if anyone who takes photographs and decides to use the visual effect of b/w or serpia is not a "real photographer"? I am not really sure what you are trying to say in your above quote.

There are many types of photographers from amature (those who do not sell and or make money from their work) to professional. (who do make money and or a living from their work).

The fact of the matter is anyone can claim to be anything when it comes to art. It is opinion based profession. What one would consider art or even a good photograph others will claim it as shit.

People will always have opinions on who is better at something than someone else. That opinion though does not make anyone (in this case a photographer) any less valid in what they do than any other person.

Amy said...

^ Whoa take it easy, I was just kidding haha

So how's it going my man, Serge?

Anonymous said...

Do you know what happened to Ryan's Blog????

InaMarie said...

yes your photos are awesome and the good deed and creativity question. this year my grand father lost one of the last and only thing left from his only son who past away in 2002. it was his cat which i can honestly say i loved dearly that cat was so homly and cute and one of the best cats i've ever known. well she got sick and started to get worse and out of love for my uncle and the cat i talked my pop into getting her put down so she would no longer suffer but the thing was i had to stay w/ her the whole time and that was a lill to hard for me. but back to the good deed and creativity thing again lol i am currently for christmas getting a statue made for the cat (nalla) and the dog (shadow who she is burried beside and who was her best friend they had the same markings and everything) so i am getting a statue to put in between the two graves and i decided to creat a clock w/ pictures of all of my grandrents pets including the two who are already gone and the two they still have now. i thought was a good creative idea to show my love and i've started going back to my church havent been there since my depression period and been to lazy by sleeping in lol i know bad but now my bf and i are starting back to the habit for my grandrents

Misswright said...

I guess I will have to overcome that... For some reason I have the fear of people getting mad or looking at me like I am crazy...
I can't wait for the "Street Photography: How not to look like tourist" blog. =)

littlegirllost said...

i positively quit my job !!!!!! i was a teacher now iwant to be something else.just have to figure out what.

Anonymous said...

you take photos of absolutely nothing sometimes lol.

Anonymous said...

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